We’ve already had the World Of Warcraft mouse, a WoW-themed Dell laptop, various WoW keysets for the Zboard and now you can buy a World of Warcraft headset.

World Of Warcraft Headset

Built by Soundblaster, the headphones look the part with Warcraft runes around the earpieces, but they’re also packing some decent features. For a start you can choose to have a wireless set for $149 that uses uncompressed 2.4GHz technology or you can go for a wired version for just $119. While the wireless version obviously uses batteries it can be recharged while in use with a USB-to-mini-USB cable (included with the headset, along with a USB wireless receiver).

As you’d expect on a gaming headset there is a microphone that is detachable if you don’t want to use it, while the volume and mute controls are built into the headset for easy access.

The audio technology is provided by Creative, the people famous for their Soundblaster range of audio cards, and the headphones make use of THX TruStudio PC to provide surround sound effects with virtual speakers.

World Of Warcraft Alliance Headset

A cool feature that’s bound to make these really appeal to the many WoW fans out there is the interchangeable headset lenses. You can choose to display either a Horde or Alliance lens, and Blizzard are promising new lenses soon. On top of that, the headset offers ’16 million programmable color illumination options’. That’s a lot of colours!

The burning question is – how much extra are we paying Blizzard for that World Of Warcraft license? Is this a $50 headset with an inflated price tag? For over $100 there are some excellent choices if you’re after a gaming headset, so the sound quality from the WoW headset had better be good.