I’ve previously looked at Thrustmaster’s Ferrari F430 steering wheel and found it to be a pretty good wheel for PC gamers. Now Thrustmaster have built on that design with the new Ferrari GT Cockpit, which builds the wheel into a chassis for extra stability and adds wireless connectivity.

Ferrari GT Cockpit

The base of the GT Cockpit weighs 10.5kg, making it heavy enough to remain stable through the most frantic of laps. The steering column is telescopic and allows various adjustments so you should be able to get it positioned just right for your favourite chair, and when it comes time to put the wheel away it can be folded down and locked so that it can be stowed neatly.

The wireless connectivity offers up to 50 hours battery life with a set of 4xAA batteries and boasts a 10m range with ‘no latency’.

The wheel itself is a 7/10 scale replica of that found in a real Ferrari F430 and includes all of the controls you’d fnd on the real thing, even the 5-position manetinno switch. There are also metal paddles for the sequential gearshift. Meanwhile there are metal pedals (only two of course, no clutch required) with magnetic resistance for the brake pedal to increase that feeling of realism.

And for that extra touch of authenticity the colours are taken from the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and its “musetto” style.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Cockpit will be available from June for $249.