Razer have been enjoying a bit of high profile success recently as 18 year old Belarusian, Alexey “Cypher” Yanusheuski, has emerged as Quake 3 Champion after two days of competition. Cyper was kitted out with some of Razer’s best gaming peripherals including a Tarantula keyboard, HP-1 headphones and a Goliathus mousepad.

To celebrate Cypher’s success Razer have decided to produce a limited edition Deathadder. The snappily titled Team Serious Gaming “Cypher” – ESWC ’08 Commemorative Edition Razer DeathAdder comes in white (Cypher’s favourite colour) and is adorned with the Razer logo and the legend ‘Serious.Gaming.Cypher’. Hmm, not taking themselves too seriously then!

It’s not entirely clear from the press release if the Deathadder was the mouse that led Cypher to victory. If it was, and I’m assuming it was otherwise why make a commemorative Deathadder, it doesn’t say a lot for the rest of Razer’s range and their obsession with high DPI. If you can be a champion with an 1,800DPI Deathadder, why on earth do we need a 4,000DPI Lachesis?

Anyway, there are only twenty of these mice available so good luck in trying to get your hands on one.

Source: Razer