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Saitek Eclipse 3 Review

The Saitek Eclipse 3 is the latest version of the popular gaming keyboard. It takes some of the features of the Saitek Cyborg and sticks them onto the old version to create a new mid-range keyboard. Backlighting Starting off...

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PC Steering Wheel Roundup

A PC steering wheel is a great accessory for any modern driving sim. You might have the best gaming mouse and the best gaming keyboard, but if you want to give yourself that extra bit of control as well as a better sense of immersion in the whole ‘driving experience’, then a PC steering wheel is definitely worth investing in.

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Saitek Cyborg Already Under £50

Well, I’ve decided to put my hand in my pocket and order a Saitek Cyborg gaming keyboard. When I wrote my preview on the Saitek Cyborg I was quite impressed with the list of features, but was put off by the price of £69.99...

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