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Roccat Apuri Review

It’s a mouse cable holder, it’s a powered USB hub and it’s part of an ergonomic gaming system – it’s the Roccat Apuri. So What Is The Roccat Apuri? The bold claim by Roccat is that the cable grip of...

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Upcoming Reviews

I felt it was hand-in-pocket time again and have decided to splash out on some products to review, rather than pestering friends and suppliers for loans. If I like them enough I’ll keep them, otherwise they’re going...

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Roccat SDMS

The mystery as to why Glopipe removed the post announcing the new Roccat Apuri cable management system is solved. It would appear that they were stealing Roccat’s thunder before the announcement of their new Smart Desktop...

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Roccat Apuri USB Hub & Cable Tidy

According to Glopipe, blog of UK Roccat supplier Meroncourt, there is a new Roccat product heading our way next month. So what is it? Another mouse or keyboard? A new gaming keypad? No, it’s probably nothing like you would...

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