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Starcraft II Gets Razer Accessories

It’s been hotly anticpated for some time now, but Starcraft II will eventually be with us in early 2010. When it does arrive, it will be accompanied by a new line of Razer accessories aimed squarely at Starcraft fans....

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Razer Mamba Unboxed (Video)

The gaming hardware manufacturers have become increasingly aware of the importance of packaging in portraying their goods as cutting edge and desirable. Take the Roccat Kone, which came in some of the coolest packaging...

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Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G9x mouse is Logitech’s answer to the recently announced 5,600dpi Razer Mamba. The G9x takes the popular G9 gaming mouse and sticks a new laser sensor under the hood. This allows the G9x to boast on-the-fly...

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Razer Open EU Store

photo credit: Chapree Da Grande Razer have realised that there’s a market outside of the United States and have opened an online store for the EU (eu.razerzone.com). The idea is that the webstore will make it easier for...

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Mac Users Get Deathadder

While Mac gamers may be as easy to find as rocking horse poo, there’s clearly enough of them out there to justify the release of a Mac version of the Razer Deathadder. Featuring the same 1800dpi infrared sensor as the PC...

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New Mouse Coming From Razer?

It looks like Razer are about to announce a new gaming mouse to add to their lineup. They’ve got a new viral campaign going entitled Speed Of (The) Light, linking to a website that gives nothing more than a quick animation...

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