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Alienware M15x Laptop

I hate Alienware – every time they release a new laptop I feel an urgent need to upgrade my trusty old Dell. Damn them and their devilishly tempting designs. Now they’ve done it again with the Alienware M15x, an even...

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Alienware M17x On Video

PCMag have taken a quick look at the powerhouse gaming laptop that is the Alienware M17x. Powered by a quad-core Intel CPU and three graphics cards (two GeForce cards in SLI and a third low-power card for saving battery power)...

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Alienware M17 Notebook

Alienware have announced their latest gaming laptop, the M17 Notebook. If you’re a gamer then I’m sure you’ll be familiar with Alienware and their uniquely styled machines, and the M17 carries on the tradition....

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Gaming Laptops Buying Guide

I’ve been looking at gaming laptops recently, as I find myself in the situation where I might have to lose my ‘office’ at home, and with it the space for a computer desk. So, I’ve been thinking of ways to...

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