SteelSeries have just announced their latest gaming peripheral, the SteelSeries Xai laser mouse.

Steelseries Xai Mouse

Making do without fancy lighting and colours, the SteelSeries Xai is a simple design aimed at serious gamers. It features a new 10.8 megapixels/second laser sensor capable of processing 12,000 frames/second at 5,001 cpi (counts per inch, not dots per inch) at speeds of up to 150 inches/second.

The Xai has an ambidextrous shape and offers seven programmable buttons, with onboard memory to store up to five different button profiles. One very clever feature is that all of the programming is carried out through an LCD menu system on the back of the mouse, so you don’t have to install any driver software.

There are additional features that allow you to customise the mouse to your playing style, including unique SteelSeries sensor innovations like SteelSeries ExactAim, SteelSeries ExactRate, SteelSeries ExactSens, SteelSeries FreeMove and automatic lift distance calibration.

The Steelseries Xai will be available in August at a price of $80.