Speedlink Kudos Mouse

The Speedlink Kudos is a new 5000dpi laser mouse from the people who make … well, just about anything for a PC.

Speedlink Kudos Mouse

As you’d expect on a high-dpi mouse the dpi setting can be adjusted on the fly. There are four dpi levels to choose from that can be switched using a button on top of the mouse, and four blue LEDs allow you to tell which level is active. Each level can be assigned anything from 90dpi to the full 5000dpi.

The Speedlink Kudos has nine programmable buttons that can be set up to perform a single action or series of actions with the macro manager. Onboard memory allows up to five button profiles to be stored and recalled for different games and applications. You can swap profiles at the press of a button, and a multi-coloured LED indicates which profile is currently in use, and the internal memory allows you to take their settings with you and use them on other computers without installing drivers.

The finishing touch is a weight system that allows you to add up to six 6g weights.

The Speedlink Kudos will be available in October at a price of €49.99

Source: Glopipe

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