Saitek Cyborg Keyboard Release Delayed

Saitek Cyborg KeyboardIt looks like its not just Roccat who are delaying their new products, Saitek are doing it as well.

Having pre-ordered a Saitek Cyborg keyboard, I was expecting it to arrive nearly two weeks ago. However, there’s been no delivery man knocking at the door.

A quick look around the websites offering the keyboard has revealed that the anticapated release date is now 15th March, nearly a month’s delay.

So that means no review for another couple of weeks. Sorry folks.

Author: Chris

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  1. Pre-Ordered back on 12/01/08 and was not pleased when release date was pulled back. Deffinetly not a 15th march release but don’t know when. Amazon are predicting 19th april (but they are always throwing out random predictions). Shame on saitek for having no official press on release dates and giving us no info.

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