Having just reviewed the Razer Lycosa and criticised the poor implementation of its backlighting, it appears that the upcoming Saitek Cyborg keyboard is aiming to show how it should be done.

Saitek Cyborg Keyboard

Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard

The Saitek Cyborg keyboard is an attempt to compete with the likes of the Razer Lycosa, Logitech G11 and G15, Microsoft Reclusa and other high-range gaming keyboards. The specification list looks really good (below) and the new RRP price is reasonably competitive for a brand new keyboard at £69.99.
In order to stand out from the growing crowd of gaming keyboards, Saitek have gone for a very bold design that seems to shout about its features, even if it does look like a relic from an ’80’s sci-fi TV show.

Saitek have really gone to town on the lighting aspects of this keyboard. The Cyborg features multi-colour backlighting, with shades ranging from red through amber to green. There’s also a touch sensitive, backlit control panel (like that on the Razer Lycosa). Also, the WASD, cursor, Cyborg and NumPad keys can be lit independently from the rest of keyboard to highlight commonly used gaming keys. Do you see, Razer? That’s how it should be done!

There are also 12 programmable ‘Cyborg’ keys, which I would expect will be very similar in operation to the Logitech’s ‘G’ keys, and there is also the ability to switch to ‘Cyborg’ mode. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the keyboard is going to try and assimilate you into the collective … it’s actually a clever gaming mode that disables the Windows keys and configures the colour and brightness of your gaming keys.

On top of that, the Cyborg also has metal-plated key caps in ‘key gaming areas’, wherever they may be.

Other features include:

  • A pass-through USB socket, as well as audio and microphone ports
  • Adjustable wrist rest and keyboard rake angle (front and back)
  • Gold-plated connectors for USB and Audio

All of this makes the Saitek Cyborg gaming keyboard a very tempting alternative to the usual choices from Razer and Logitech. The Cyborg is due for release in February.