The Roccat Sota mousepad is the second element of Roccat’s Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS) to be unveiled.

Roccat Sota Mousepad

To fit in with the SDMS theme of making the most of your desk space the Sota is being billed as a ‘small’ mousepad, although at 350 x 270 x 3mm I would say it was more of an average size (the Mionix Alioth 320 I reviewed a couple of weeks ago measured 320 x 270 x 3mm and I wouldn’t say that was small).

The Sota uses a granular surface to reduce friction on the mouse, while a soft rubber backing ensures grip. In the middle of these two layers is a thin metal strip that provides a bit of rigidity as well as a metallic sparkle finish, but more importantly improves the reflective nature of the surface to enhance the signals back to the mouse sensor.

Another advantage of the surface of the Sota is that it is easy to clean – an important feature if you accidentally spill Red Bull all over it in a late night dungeon raid!

The Roccat Sota should be appearing in shops anytime now at a price of €22.99.

One thing to note – take a close look at the pictures and you’ll see a Roccat mouse that’s not the Kone and not the Pyra. Looks like the rumoured Kova, an ambidextrous mouse with five buttons, so could that be the third part of the SDMS puzzle?

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