Roccat SDMS

The mystery as to why Glopipe removed the post announcing the new Roccat Apuri cable management system is solved. It would appear that they were stealing Roccat’s thunder before the announcement of their new Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS).

Roccat SDMS

The SDMS is a combination of four components that are to be revealed over the coming months, but the first part is due to be announced tomorrow (9th July) and from the pictures on the website it looks like it’s going to be the new Apuri. Looks like Glopipe were a bit too hasty in their announcement!

The idea behind the Roccat SDMS is to make better use of the space on your desk, and the Apuri is a key part of that concept. The three other products appear to be a compact keyboard, mouse and mouse pad, but there aren’t any specific details about them.

According to Roccat the “Smart Desktop Management System is the idea of space, order and efficiency. It’s the first integrated system which creates the optimum environment for unrestricted gaming. The design and function of the individual components encourage a healthy posture at the computer while at the same time giving you the space to maintain a balanced overview of all peripherals.

Balanced overview of all peripherals? What a load of arse! While the Apuri might help maintain a tidy gaming environment, the rest of the SDMS concept sounds like a load of overblown marketing hype for a few new items in the Roccat range. You can have a healthy posture and tidy desk with a standard keyboard, mouse and pad so it’ll be interesting to see what innovations these new products will bring that will transform our playing area.

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