The specification of the new Roccat Kova mouse has been released, and it’s looking like a decent alternative to the high-spec Kone.

Roccat Kova Mouse

Like the Kone, the Roccat Kave uses a 3200dpi optical sensor, but other than that it shares very little with its bigger brother. For a start the Kova is an ambidextrous design, all angles and flat surfaces instead of the Kone’s more curvy shape. If you’re familiar with the stunning Lamborghini Reventon then you’ll have an idea of the sort of angular design that Roccat have used.

The mouse is a dark grey design with LED highlights on top and at the rear, with rubbery areas situated under each pair of side buttons to ensure maximum grip. The LED lights are used to indicate which of the four dpi levels is active (400, 800, 1600 and 3200dpi) and flash the relevant colour when the dpi level is changed.

The Roccat Kova is a seven button mouse, but only five of the buttons are active at a time as only one of the sets of side buttons is used depending on whether the mouse is set to run in left or right-handed mode.

In a departure from the usual setup for gaming mice, the Roccat Kova is completely driverless. The mouse’s button configuration, LED colors and sensor DPI resolution can all be customized through a series of button presses. To my mind this will only work if the sequence of button presses is quick and intuitive, and the review at Vortez suggests that this might not be the case (although they do give the Kova a Silver award).

So will the Kova be another winner for Roccat? It stands a good chance, and is in the shops now priced at €49.99.