Roccat Kone Wheel Problems Fixed In V2?

There’s been a lot of talk in forums about problems with the Roccat Kone’s wheel. Apparently it can break quite easily and some owners are having to RMA their mice after just a week. My Roccat Kone is still working fine, so I don’t know if it’s just a bad batch of mice or that I’m more gentle with my mouse than some other players.

Well, Roccat are clearly keen to limit the damage to their reputation and they have been working on a fix. That fix is now available in the Roccat Kone Version 2. So, if you’re thinking of buying a Kone I would strongly advise you to make sure it’s a Kone V2, otherwise you might find yourself disappointed.

UPDATE: the Roccat Kone has been relaunched with new packaging, so it should be easier to make sure you’re getting the newer model.

Author: Chris

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  1. Yeah, I asked roccat support for this. This was their answer:

    “Unfortunately we do not give out information on which Kones already inherit
    the new parts, and which don’t. There is no way for the customer to know that when
    he buys at a shop. We did not used terms like “version 2”, “V2″, or anything. Some
    customers use these terms, but they originate from forums. It is how some people
    call the Kone with enhanced parts. Not us.”

  2. Hi Huhu, thanks for passing that on. It shows a surprising lack of concern for the people buying their mice. If Roccat can’t tell the difference how are we expected to work out if we’re buying a good one or not, unless the retailer explicitly states that it’s a V2 (and they might lie to get rid of old stock).
    I would have expected more from Roccat, perhaps they should have thought about this when they released the new Kones with the ‘enhanced’ parts.

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