Roccat Kone V2 Gets New Packaging

There is now a definitive way to tell if your Roccat Kone is a new version with the stronger scroll wheel – just check the packaging.

Roccat Kone V2 Packaging

Roccat have relaunched the Kone mouse in a new ‘eco-friendly’ box. If your Kone arrives and it’s not in the packaging you see above you should question whether or not it’s a V2. If it’s in an old style box it could be a V2, but do you want to run the risk of a failing scroll wheel?

Original Kone mice had a problem with a flimsy scroll wheel that led to it failing, sometimes in as little as a couple of weeks. Roccat released a fix and many suppliers unofficially called the mouse the Kone V2, although Roccat never called it that. There was no easy way to tell if you had the newer mouse, but with this new packaging that is no longer a problem.

The new Kone also has an updated EAN barcode – 4250288115019. You should be able to check that with your supplier before buying the mouse.

Author: Chris

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  1. Is the EAN bar code the same in every country? I live in The Netherlands. Has it really been confirmed that the scrollwheel problem has now been fixed?


  2. The EAN code was originally a European standard but is now supposed to be recognised internationally so yes, the code should be the same. I don’t think Roccat have officially announced that it has been fixed, but a lot of retailers have been claiming that the new model has stronger parts (most noticeably Meroncourt in the UK).

    I hope they’ve fixed it, my Kone broke only last week and I’m waiting for the replacement (RMA’d without question when I mentioned a broken scroll wheel).

  3. Excelent info Chris I’m planning to buy one, did u got yours back ? is more robust now, u recommend it now that’s fixed the mouse wheel problem? using it does the paint decolorized ? Pro / Cons? im Seriously thinking of getting one

  4. Yes, I did get it back. The new cardboard packaging got squashed by the postman (wouldn’t have happened with the old polystyrene box) but the mouse itself was fine. The scrollwheel click feels less flimsy than before so hopefully Roccat have found the solution. Muy old Kone never had any problems with wearing out, and there’s no reason to think the new one will be any worse. I’d still recommend it, I think the Kone is a great mouse!

  5. Roccat is making a false claim about this product’s Ergonomic Hybrid Shape. It is NOT suitable for people who use Claw Grip style as a mouse as large and as high as this forces the Palm Grip style.

  6. I got a Roccat Kone+ Max Customization here, new packaging, barcode: 4250288118003

    It’s brandnew and already got problems with the mousewheel. It’s also scrolling down a couples of times when scrolling up. Latest firmware and drivers don’t do anything, worked for like 2 weeks. What a crappy product!

  7. That is a shame. I hope the Kone[+] isn’t showing the same scroll wheel weakness as the original Kone.

    The Kone[+] is actually the third version of the Kone, redesigned to include a better laser, but you’d have thought that Roccat would have learnt the lessons after the launch of the original.

  8. is it true ? have you bought one too Chris ?

    I have plan to buy it this month to replace my former Kone.
    but I think would buy another mouse according to Remco’s statement

  9. i got the kone+ broke down after 2 days got a new one. same story. mousewheel screwed up

  10. @nielz Sounds like Roccat have f-ed up the mouse wheel again. They’re gonna lose a lot of fans over something as simple as a mouse wheel.

    @darth – yes, I have the reworked Kone (the V2) and it’s still OK, but this isn’t to be confused with the Kone[+]. That’s a totally different design.

    Based on remco and nielz experience I’d find it hard to recommend the Kone[+].

  11. Yeah, I bought the Roccat Kone [+] as well, at a local electronic store.

    It worked for 1 week, then the wheel button didn’t work. After a week later again the mouse wheel scrolling it self started to act strange.

    Now a few months later again it has become unbearable, with scrolling down every 2-3 times you scroll up.

    I will be giving this back to the electronic store in hope to get a refund or a repair.

  12. I live in Germany. I have exchanged my kone+ twice for the same reason-jumpy wheel behavior, twice. frustrating. Clearly they haven’t fixed the problem for so long.

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