Roccat Kone Release Delayed

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Roccat Kone Gaming MouseI was hoping to bring you an in-depth Roccat Kone review next week, but sadly we’re all going to have to wait a bit longer.

The release of the top-spec gaming mouse by Roccat, a new gaming peripheral manufacturer, appears to have been delayed by another month.

My pre-order was due to ship tomorrow, 19th February, but at the weekend I received an email from Komplett saying that the Roccat Kone was not going to be in stock until 21st March (when they expect to receive 20 units), a full month’s delay. It’s not just the Kone that’s been delayed, the release of the Valo keyboard is also pushed back from tomorrow to 21st March.

Quite what the cause of the delay is, I’m not sure. I’m assuming that Roccat have hit problems somewhere in the manufacturing process and have either been delayed or can’t make enough units in time for the launch date. If anyone knows any better then please let me know.

Either way, it’s not the best start for Roccat, but when the time comes and I receive the parcel through the post I’ll be bringing you my Roccat Kone review.

At least I should still be getting my Saitek Cyborg gaming keyboard this week!

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