Roccat Kone Delay – Details Emerge

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Roccat Kone Gaming MouseFollowing the delay of the Roccat Kone’s release, details have emerged on the Roccat website of the performance updates that have been applied.

It appears that the improvements are mainly confined to the Kone’s laser sensor. It is now up from 2000dpi to 3000dpi, which brings with it an increase to the surface sampling precision. The level of the sensor’s precision is now variable six steps from 800dpi up to 3000dpi.

This makes the Roccat Kone much more competitive, as it’s previous 2000dpi rating was nothing spectacular when you look at the competition it faced. Even with 3000dpi the Kone is behind mice such as the Logitech G9 and Razer Lachesis, but not that far behind.

There are also claimed improvements to the lighting system, which is made up of five LEDs that can be independently configured to glow in any shade you want.

Now all we need to do is sit and wait for Roccat to ship the Kone. Although the release has been put back from it’s original target of December ’07, the improvements suggest that it will be worth waiting for.

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  1. Why do you care so much about dpi? The Lachesis is clearly inferiour to mice like the MX518 in every way. You’re not really going to move your mouse that fast that it will matter to have more than, say, 1200dpi. I hope the Kone will perform well, whatever dpi or sensor it will have. Up until now, no mouse was able to outperform the MX518, and gamers widely agree that it was and still is a spectacular gaming mouse. People should agree that always counting the dpi is like looking at BHP on a car. But what do you care about BHP when the steering is sluggy, the car is heavy and the car stereo is buggy. Seriously.

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