Roccat Apuri USB Hub & Cable Tidy

According to Glopipe, blog of UK Roccat supplier Meroncourt, there is a new Roccat product heading our way next month. So what is it? Another mouse or keyboard? A new gaming keypad? No, it’s probably nothing like you would guess at as the Roccat Apuri is a cable management system and USB hub.

Roccat Apuri USB Hub

The Roccat marketing blurb describes it as an “active hub with removable zero-drag cable mount” that includes 4 powered USB ports. Roccat continue: “As part of our SDMS (Smart Desktop Management System), the Apuri will help organize your gaming desktop to give you as much space as possible. Say goodbye to messy, snagging and short cables. All the cables are clearly laid out and the mouse can be moved freely in any direction. It also features an atmospheric ROCCAT-style blue glow.”

The Apuri name is taken from the Finnish word for ‘sidekick’. It certainly looks like an intriguing device, like some strange three-legged robotic insect.

The official features of the Roccat Apuri are:

  • Active USB hub with AC adapter and 4 ports
  • Zero-drag cable mount – removable if required
  • Increased freedom of movement thanks to cable management system
  • Direct connection of USB devices
  • Passive use via USB port
  • Stands stably, featuring atmospheric blue glow

The USB hub can be powered by its own AC adapter or through a USB connection. If the AC adapter is plugged in then power from each of the USB hubs is 2A, otherwise it’s down to 500mA if the USB connection is used.

The Roccat Apuri is due for release in July 2009 (yes, in just 3-6 weeks time) with an RRP of €39.99 and Meroncourt are taking pre-orders now.

Source – Glopipe

Update – the original post on the Glopipe site has gone, so either this was a hoax with a very detailed image or Roccat have delayed the launch.

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