Split Personality With Roccat Alumic Mouse Pad

Roccat have gone for a split personality with their latest gaming mousepad, the Roccat Alumic.

Roccat Alumic Mousepad

The Roccat Alumic features two different surface materials designed to cater for both low and high-sense gamers, with each side featuring a different design. Depending on what you want from your mouse you simply flip the alumic over and align it up with the detachable, gel-filled wrist rest.

One side is designed for low-sensitivity gamers, with a smooth surface to enhance gliding performance for fast, sweeping mouse movements. On the other side is a granular surface that improves tracking, making it ideal for gamers who like their mouse setup with high levels of sensitivity.

The mouse pad is made from aluminium, making it nice and stable (if not the best thing for mobile gamers) while there are large rubber feet at each corner to improve grip. It measures 331x272mm and is just 3mm thick.

Priced at 39 euros, the Roccat Alumic should be available from the end of February.

Author: Chris

Chris is a devout PC gamer who spends way, way too much time sat at his PC either gaming or writing. You can find Chris on Google+

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  1. hey Chris

    I have a question about this mouse pad.
    what kind of surfaces it has ?

    Hard surface like razer ironclad or soft(cloth)surface like steel series qck mass ?

    and the second question, which one do you prefer, Razer Vespula or this Roccat Alumic


  2. It’s a hard surface and not at all flexible, thanks to the aluminium structure. One side is fairly smooth – not quite glass-like, there’s a bit of texture – while the other side has more of a gritty feel to it. But not too gritty, you wouldn’t want it sanding down the base of your mouse.

    Which do I prefer between Razer Vespula and Roccat Alumic? Tough call, and until I get a good look at the Alumic I don’t think I can really choose. Both are aluminium, dual-sided and come with a wrist rest. I think the Razer will be the cheaper of the two, but in the end most people will pick based on whether they prefer Razer as a brand or Roccat. Personally I love Roccat’s logo, it reminds me of the cartoon Thunderbirds that I used to watch as a kid.

  3. Ok that’s explain all my question i guess.

    I’m waiting for this mouse pad, such a shame it’ll be release on my country at the end of March, including the Kone+ which i really want to buy

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