Razer Sphex Goes Pro

Razer are about to release some limited edition versions of their Sphex gaming skin.

Razer Team Sphex

They’ve teamed up with four of the top professional esports teams and created four unique patterns for the super-slim mousepad. Each one costs $14.99 and they’ll only be available from Razer’s online store.

Author: Chris

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  1. Wow…a few of them look awesome…

    And for the same $15 price tag?

    Cool…too bad I have to have some loser’s team name on it though xD.


    I was planning on buying one of these anyway so whatever, right?

  2. I was thinking the same – great designs, not sure about the team names stuck on them. Razer should do some more limited prints like these, with the right images they’d sell tons of them.

  3. i just got this today-its small/paper thin but good surface wish it was larger and should be cheaper

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