Razer Orochi Mouse For Laptop Gamers

It’s been a few months since Razer released their last mouse, the wireless Mamba, but now they’ve gone and announced another one aimed at the growing crowd of laptop gamers.

Razer Orochi

The Razer Orochi is very similar to the Mamba in that it is meant to be wireless yet includes a detachable cable for charging or wired use. It uses Bluetooth 2.0, has seven programmable buttons and Razer’s on-board memory for storing button profiles. Nestling underneath is a new 4,000dpi Razer Precision 3G laser sensor.

Personally I love the styling of the Orochi, particularly the gap between the buttons where the scrollwheel sits – reminds me of some sort of space cruiser. However, it’ll be interesting to see if Razer have managed to overcome the inherent lag in Blueooth systems.

The Orochi name continues Razer’s obsession with snakes. Yamata no orichi was a mythical Japanese eight-headed dragon and roughly translates into English as ‘eight-headed serpent’.

The Razer Orochi is currently available to pre-order from Razer or Amazon for $79.99.

Razer Orochi On Ebay

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Author: Chris

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  1. Looking at the pics Razor has set up, the mouse seems really really small compared to the Mamba and i heard the mamba is smaller than the death adder, but it is stated for notebooks which i know most people wont use it for =p. man wish i waited for this -.- looks so cool. be buting it in a year =P.
    men you could really see anyone getting really really into this mouse. its more like a “battle mouse”.

  2. WOW…I sure am glad that I got my Deathadder now xD. Joking, I do love it, I might just get that one for travel, as it’s smaller and keep my huge Deathadder for at home…it’s looks sick though.

    Let’s see if it comes out with a sub-$100 price tag…

  3. Yea this mouse is tiny, but i play claw grip so its perfet for me. I dont recommend any gaming with wireless mode tho… No real lag but the dpi suffers when you use wireless. Gotten too use to high DPI that i cant use 2000 mode… the polling is only 500 when in wireless, wired mode is 1000 polling and 4000 dpi.

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