It’s been a few months since Razer released their last mouse, the wireless Mamba, but now they’ve gone and announced another one aimed at the growing crowd of laptop gamers.

Razer Orochi

The Razer Orochi is very similar to the Mamba in that it is meant to be wireless yet includes a detachable cable for charging or wired use. It uses Bluetooth 2.0, has seven programmable buttons and Razer’s on-board memory for storing button profiles. Nestling underneath is a new 4,000dpi Razer Precision 3G laser sensor.

Personally I love the styling of the Orochi, particularly the gap between the buttons where the scrollwheel sits – reminds me of some sort of space cruiser. However, it’ll be interesting to see if Razer have managed to overcome the inherent lag in Blueooth systems.

The Orochi name continues Razer’s obsession with snakes. Yamata no orichi was a mythical Japanese eight-headed dragon and roughly translates into English as ‘eight-headed serpent’.

The Razer Orochi is currently available to pre-order from Razer or Amazon for $79.99.

Razer Orochi On Ebay

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