Do you remember the Belkin N52TE Speedpad? Released about three years ago, it was one of the more stylish gaming keypads on the market. Despite appearances it was a very comfortable bit of kit that worked really well for all sorts of games, and what a lot of people didn’t realise was that it was a joint design by Belkin and Razer.

Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

Now say hello to the Razer Nostromo. Look familiar? Yes, that’s right, the Razer Nostromo is basically the N52TE with a different name.

To be fair it is a little more than that. Razer have worked their magic on the internals, upgrading the chipset and software drivers to allow even more complex commands to be programmed into the keypad.

The Razer Nostromo features 16 buttons laid out in an ergonomic design. A soft-touch rubberized wrist pad cradles the palm and significantly reduces hand fatigue and wrist strain, while your fingers are free to move over the keys.

Each of the buttons now features Razer’s Hyperesponse technology for quicker response to key presses. There’s also an eight-way directional thumb pad that can be used either for movement or as modifier keys to access extra commands.

In addition, the Razer Nostromo now allows you to switch between up to eight keymaps (up from three), and offers you the flexibility of storing up to twenty gaming profile, up from the previous limit of ten.

The Razer Nostromo is priced at $69 and is available now.