Razer Naga MMO Mouse. Is This For Real?

What do you get when you take a gaming mouse and get it to breed with a mobile phone, then subject the resulting offspring to massive doses of radiation? Probably something like the new Razer Naga MMO mouse.

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When I first saw the Razer Naga I thought it was some sort of elaborate hoax, but no, this thing is for real. What you have is a typical black Razer mouse with cool blue lighting and a 5,600dpi laser sensor that just happens to have twelve buttons stuck on one side.

Add to that the five ‘normal’ buttons and you have seventeen in total and, as you’ve probably guessed, each of the buttons is programmable through Razer’s driver software.

Advertised as a MMO mouse, there is more to the Naga than a bunch of buttons plastered on one side. Using special software add-ons you can actually add elements to the in-game display that relate to the buttons on the mouse. At the moment there are add-ons for World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online and more will follow.

The Razer Naga is expected to hit the stores in September at a price of $79.

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Author: Chris

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  1. Looks really sick but i feel sorry for people with really big fingers….but man razer is on a role….Deathadder, mamba, orochi and now naga

  2. You’re right, they’ve got some great stuff coming out at the moment. Every time I see a picture of the Mamba I have this urge to spend some money!

  3. spend wit no regret =p until you find it to similar to death adder =p

  4. I own one and use it on my UH DPS DK and my Prot Pally and it is amazing. Definitely has a learning curve but once ur used to it u will wonder how u lived with out it. Addon for button management is great too.

  5. @Mat
    I own both this and Orochi :> they are great!

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