The gaming hardware manufacturers have become increasingly aware of the importance of packaging in portraying their goods as cutting edge and desirable. Take the Roccat Kone, which came in some of the coolest packaging I’ve seen for a while.

Razer’s latest uber-mouse, the wireless Mamba, is due to hit the stores soon. To give you an idea of what you’re getting for your $129 they have released a video showing the box and its contents, and it certainly looks like another triumph for the packaging department. The large box has a big transparent plastic case that shows the Mamba off beautifully, and should really help it stand out in stores. Hopefully the mouse will live up to the promise of the box.

If you order a Mamba from Razer’s store they are promising delivery by the 20th April. So if you’ve got $129 burning a hole in your pocket why not get your pre-order in now?