Apparently some users of the Razer Lycosa keyboard have expressed a dislike of its rubbery keys, so the Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition has been developed to counter that criticism.

The standard Lycosa keyboard has a slightly glossy finish and soft rubber-coated keys that IMHO are rather pleasant to the touch. The Mirror Edition replaces that with a high-gloss black finish applied to both the case and the keys, giving them a smooth slippery feel. Whether this makes the Mirror Edition a better keyboard for gamers remains to be seen, but at least Lycosa buyers are free to choose which they want – the Mirror Edition is exactly the same specification and price as the standard Lycosa.

One disadvantage I can see is the job of keeping that glossy finish clean. The standard Lycosa was prone to showing off dust and fingerprints, so if you’re the sort of gamer who likes to eat while gaming then you might be advised to avoid the Lycosa Mirror Edition.

Razer Lycosa – Keyboard – USB – US

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