While hard mouse mats are nothing new, the vast majority of them are made from plastic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you don’t like that plasticky feel then what alternative do you have? Why not try the new Razer Ironclad mousepad, a new metal pad for those who like it hard and smooth?

Razer Ironclad Mousepad

The Razer Ironclad is made from aluminium, so forms a good hard base on which to slide your mouse around. And it will slide, as the aluminium surface has been specially coated and sandblasted to make it super smooth. This is definitely a mousepad for people who like to make fast movements with their mouse.

Measuring 320mm x 270mm and just 2.5mm high, the Ironclad provides a decent area for shuffling the mouse about and to make sure it stays put while you’re gaming there’s a rubber coating on the back to give it extra grip.

Expect to see the Razer Ironclad in stores anytime now at a retail price of $59 (ouch!) but you do get a carrying case included in the price. It’ll also last a long time, thanks to it being crafted from a single piece of aluminium.