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The recently updated Razer Diamondback 3G has hit the shops here in the UK, a Razer mouse that is still popular despite being on the market for a few years.

Razer have taken the 1800dpi 3G infrared sensor from the Deathadder and dropped it into the Diamondback’s smaller frame, as well as relaunching the colour schemes. The Diamondback now has a matt black chassis, unlike the transparent effect of the old model, and a choice of the following colours for the glowing mouse wheel and side rails : Earth Green, Blue Frost or Flame Red.

razer mouse

It also includes 7 programmable buttons and adjustable dpi settings, so the Diamondback certainly has the spec to mix it with the big boys in the gaming mouse arena.

The retail price is $49.99 or £37.99, but on the internet nobody pays full retail price these days! are showing them at list price (plus P&P), but a quick look on revealed some for around £30 (delivered). If there aren’t any on eBay you should be able to shop around and find one for £34-35 (delivered).

gaming mouse

I can’t make my mind up if this represents better value than my current favourite, the Razer Deathadder. Being an ambidextrous design it might not be as comfortable to use as the Deathadder (for right-handed users like myself) and hasn’t got the 5 switchable button profiles, but it has got the same sensor and more buttons for about £5 less.

With the launch of the Razer Lachesis next month the range of Razer mice is looking strong, but maybe a little confused. Most of their mice are very close in price, particularly in the mid range where there’s not that much difference between the new Diamondback, Deathadder and Copperhead.

Why is it so hard to choose a good gaming mouse these days?