The MMO community seems to be Razer’s new target. We’ve had three new versions of the Naga mouse (the Molten and Maelstrom editions, and the wireless Epic version) and now we’re being treated to the new Razer Anansi keyboard, pitched as an ‘expert MMO gaming keyboard’.

Razer Anansi Keyboard

How can it claim to be an MMO keyboard? Well, it’s all down to the additional thumb buttons that Razer have placed under the space bar. They’re perfectly placed for your thumb to activate them when you’re using the WASD keys for movement. There are seven thumb keys in total and, as with every other key, they can be programmed to do whatever you want. This makes them ideal for activating your favourite macros, which if course are most popular in MMO games, but will also be a big help in RPG and RTS games.

So what else does the Anansi offer? There’s some trick backlighting that allows you to pick from one of 16 million shades, so Razer’s trademark blue backlighting is no longer your only choice. There are five additional programmable keys running down the left-hand side of the keyboard, which can also be loaded up with macros of your choice.

Being a gaming keyboard there’s also a ‘gaming mode’, allowing you to disable the Windows keys to prevent you from accidentally dropping back to your desktop.

There are a few features missing from the Anansi that some gamers take for granted. There are no separate multimedia controls, instead the usual volume/track functions are assigned to the F keys. There’s also a lack of headphone or mic sockets and no additional USB sockets. If you feel that you need any of these then the Anansi might not be the right keyboard for you.

The Razer Anansi is set to hit the shelves just in time for the Christmas season and will be priced at $99.