OCZ Elixir Keyboard Breaks Cover

OCZ Elixir Keyboard

OCZ Elixir Keyboard

You’d probably associate the name OCZ with PC memory upgrades, but the company are hoping to change that with their new range of Alchemy gaming peripherals. The first product in the range is the OCZ Elixir keyboard. So what can we expect from the newcomer?

Starting with the gaming features there will be 10 programmable keys, each with 3 modes of operation, for a total of 30 commands. There’s also the option to toggle between gaming and standard mode and, to make things comfortable in extended gaming sessions, the keys will be coated in non-slip rubber.

With a typically ergonomic design, the keyboard will feature 7 internet hot keys and 8 media control keys, and an additional USB port.

However, in a refreshing change for the gaming peripheral market it’s actually going to be priced quite low.Although a release date has yet to be specified, the OCZ Elixir keyboard will be price at just $29.99. That makes it a lot cheaper than most of its competitors, such as the Saitek Cyborg and Logitech G11. Whether the build quality will reflect the price remains to be seen, but the OCZ Elixir is a promising newcomer to the gaming keyboard market.

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  1. Cool man, thanks for the updates! Finally more interesting stuff! And thanks on keeping us informed on the Roccat Kone situation!

  2. @7ucker – sorry to let things slip, been writing some hot hatch stuff over at drivingspirit.com

    Hoping to bring a few more updates in the not-too-distant future.

  3. Very nice, I didn’t realize it. You should interlink or advertise between your blogs. People will then visit more of the places where u write. Thanks again! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Kone. But I am giving it an ultimatum, if it is not here in one month, I will go the logitech route. How much perfection r they trying to put in it? I hope it is worth it because it definitely raised my expectations up the roof. Would u please tell ur views on their mousepad? It is out already. From what I understood, the keybord is not out yet though, although no beta testing was announced.

  4. I’m also a bit fed up with the delays, to find that after all this time the Kone is only just out for beta test is disappointing. I pre-ordered it almost a full year ago expecting to get it for Christmas.

    Will have to try and get my hands on Roccat’s Sense mousepad, it looks good. The Valo is also tempting, but pricey and can’t find anywhere with stock.

  5. dont you guys notice that this keyboard looks like the razer TARANTULA? maybe the exterior it is, but the hardware of it would be different just like the cyber snipa mouse(s)

  6. Hi Romano. Yes, the case does bear a striking resemblance to the Tarantula, but I doubt the Elixir has got all of Razer’s anti-ghosting and hyper-response technology. The Elixir is still great value for money.

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