One of the best bits of hardware I’ve bought recently has been a My Book World Edition network hard drive. Why so good? Because it’s got loads of space (1Tb, although you can buy it with 2TB), was really easy to setup and offers fast transfer speeds because it plugs into my router and works as a proper network drive.

WD My Book USB 3.0

I chose a network drive because I didn’t like the idea of waiting to transfer enormous files over a USB 2.0 connection, but it looks like Western Digital have addressed this issue with their new My Book USB 3.0 hard drive. It uses the latest USB technology to reduce data transfer times, allowing speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second and file saves that are up to 4.7x faster than the equivalent USB 2.0 drive.

But don’t you need a USB 3.0 hub to use it? Yes, you do, but WD are ahead of the game as they’re offering the drive with a PCIe adapter card so you can upgrade your PC. If you’re lucky enough to be USB 3.0 compatible already you can buy the drive without the card and save $20.

There are two capacities available – 1TB with a retail price of $179 ($199 with adapter) or a 2TB drive for $279 with the adapter. The MyBook USB 3.0 edition is currently discounted at Amazon and other online stores.

When my current drive fills up (which won’t take long) I’ll be having a good look at one of these.