Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse Ready For Launch

The new Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse stands a very good chance of being considered the best gaming mouse, as it combines a good list of features with a competitive price.

Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

The Microsoft Sidewinder is powered by a laser engine, with adjustable settings of 400, 800 and 2000 dpi. This does mean it falls short of the headline figure of 3200dpi for the Logitech G9 and 4000dpi for the Razer Lachesis. However, the best of the current crop of gaming mice is only just capable of 2000 dpi, so this is nothing to be ashamed of.

The adjustable weight cartridge allows variations of between 5 and 30 grams, in 5 gram increments. When not in use, the spare weights can be stored in a box attached to the cable tidy so you don’t need to worry about losing them. In addition, the box contains the spare feet for the mouse. You can choose from three sets of feet and adjust the gliding charcteristics to your preference.

There is an onboard LCD display that shows the current DPI setting, as well as icons for in-game macro recording. There are 5 buttons that can be programmed using the drivers provided with the mouse, and also a Quick Launch button that allows easy access to Games Explorer in Vista (if you’re one of the few people to be running it).

Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

Priced at $79 this is significantly cheaper than the Logitech G9 at $99, yet shares many of the same features. It also places it head to head with the Razer Lachesis on price and, while it cannot match the power of the Lachesis’ optical sensor, it does have more features. Although many people looking for the best gaming mouse will remain loyal to Logitech and Razer, I’m sure the Sidewinder will grab a few new sales for Microsoft when it hits the stores in October.

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