The Logitech G9x mouse is Logitech’s answer to the recently announced 5,600dpi Razer Mamba.

Logitech G9x Mouse

The G9x takes the popular G9 gaming mouse and sticks a new laser sensor under the hood. This allows the G9x to boast on-the-fly adjustable sensitivity from 200dpi all the way up to 5,000dpi, beating the original G9’s 3,200dpi by a considerable margin. While this is still behind the Razer Mamba’s dpi figure it still makes the G9 the second highest rated gaming mouse available.

On-board memory allows up to five gaming profiles to be configured and stored in the mouse, wile the colour of the LEDs can be changed so that you can match the look of your G9x with that of your new G13 keypad and G19 keyboard (should you have the money to splash out on Logitech’s new ‘G’ gaming range).

The interchangeable grips remain the same and the G9x still comes withtwo as standard. You will also be able to order your own custom grips from Logitech.

One advantege the Logitech G9x will have over the Razer Mamba is price – at $99 the G9x will be a substantial $30 cheaper than the Mamba. It’s available to buy now.

Logitech G9x On Ebay

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