Logitech G700 Wireless Mouse

For Logitech fans they’ve been a bit short of a decent wireless gaming mouse since the old G7 went out of production, but that’s set to end with the introduction of the spangly new Logitech G700 wireless mouse. In much the same was as the excellent G500 was a revamp of the old G5, the G700 takes the best bits of the G7 and revamps it with new technology.

Logitech G700 Wireless Mouse

So what’s under the hood? The G700 is powered by a 5,700dpi laser sensor, the same one used in the G500. Running at a refresh rate of 1000Hz, the sensor can cope with up to 30G of acceleration and has a maxiumum tracking speed of 165 inches/second. As you’d expect there’s adjustable sensitivity, from as low as 200dpi all the way up to 5,700dpi.

I was expecting the G700 to be a G500 without the cables, but the shape and button layout of the new mouse is quite different. As well as a more curvy, ergonomic shape there are thirteen programmable buttons (ten on the G500). Three new ‘G’ buttons on the top are sculpted for more comfortable use, as well as making them more easily identifiable through your fingertips. You also get the same four-way scrollwheel that can toggle between clicky or free-wheeling modes.

The wireless receiver is a tiny little USB attachment (the sort of thing that’s easy to lose!) and if you’re suffering from interference you can switch to a cable connection. The cable also acts as the battery charger, and three LEDs on the side of the G700 give you an indication of the state of the battery.

The Logitech G700 looks like another winner from Logitech and I’ll be keen to get my hands on one. Retail price is $99.99, undercutting the wireless Razer Mamba by $20, and it should be hitting the shops soon.

Author: Chris

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  1. i want this -hard!
    i gots it on order now posed ta ship on 8/18

  2. ok i got it.i love it after all the money spent on seeking a mouse this is it.
    the rat7 was returned-the qpad 5k was used once.trying to sell it.
    but this g700 is everything u would want for cod2/4

  3. Nice one johnny! How’s the wireless reception with that tiny USB plug? Any issues?

  4. well i have no issues! reception is great.playing call of duty2/4 is now more fun then ever.and its all due to 11 buttons.you never need to use any reaching for a key.its all on da mouse what a great mouse.i’m glad i returned the rat7.
    now i’m waiting on the qpad heaton gaming mouse pad.

  5. Sweet. I think I now need a G700!

  6. ok,so i hav had this mouse now since aug.and as expected -i love it ! it works with or without cord.and no lag !

  7. oh and the qpad heaton pad is also working out great with this mouse.

  8. Hi Johnny! Glad the G700 is working out, it’s top of my list for a new mouse although I am tempted by the new wireless Naga.

    That’s one big pad! How do you like the three-layer construction (rubber, flexible plastic and harder plastic on top) ?

  9. this is got to be the best pad ever,as i have spent a ton of $ on others but this is just the perfect size and surface.
    its sad that you must purchase this in uk when it should be avil.here.

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