Logitech G500 Boasts 5,700dpi

It’s an exciting day for gamers as Logitech have announced a new top-spec gaming mouse, the new Logitech G500.

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

The G500 is the successor to the classic G5 laser mouse, and brings that popular design bang up-to-date. It features a new laser sensor capable of on-the-fly adjustments from just 200dpi to an incredible 5,700dpi. Yes, you read that right, that’s 5,700dpi. You may be thinking that’s an odd number and yet it makes it more sensitive than Razer’s sensitivity king, the 5,600dpi Mamba. The sensor is capable of handling a maximum hand speed of 165 inches/second and a maximum acceleration of 30g.

Boasting ten programmable buttons, the G500 also has onboard memory to store your favorite settings. Also, like the original G5, the G500 allows you to tune the weight by adding up to 27 grams into a removable chassis. Finally, a dual-mode scroll wheel allows you to switch between smooth scrolling and click-to-click scrolling, making it perfectly suitable for a bit of word processing or in-game weapon selection.

I’m looking forward to this one, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s better than my current favourite, the Logitech G9. The G500 should be available to buy in September at a price of $69, and it’s available to pre-order at Amazon already.

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  1. Haha damn…

    I bought the WoW mouse from Steelseries for $100 about a couple months ago and now this comes out. Currently buying peripherals(sp?) for a gaming laptop I'm planning on getting once windows 7 hits, so the mouse is just sitting in a box. Read your articles on the G35 and Megalodon and I think I'll be getting the G35 thanks to it. Any suggestions on good decently priced mousepads or laptop backpacks to help carry all my gaming gear?


  2. Hi NakO,

    I'm in a similar position, waiting to buy a new gaming laptop once Windows 7 hits the stores. For a mobile mousepad you'll want something soft so it can be rolled up, or compact and thin so it can be stored alongside the laptop. Have you seen the new Razer Kabuto, it's aimed at laptop gamers and is so thin it can slide between keyboard and screen when the laptop is closed.

  3. Thanks I'll look into it Chris.


  4. Just get the G5 and save your cash. It tracks perfectly…..how can U improve on that?

    Besides I tried the G9, it has crappy build quality. The G5 has excellent. So unless you wanna pay 50$ for 1 thumb button….

    Go into any crowded FPS game and ask if people reccommend the G5. Everyone that has one will tell U it’s awesome.

  5. theG5 stops tracking you move it at even 1 m/s its rubbish for anything other than super high sensitivity of which it doesn’t have the dpi for.
    the g9 rivals the deathadder for tracking speed and has more dpi and therefore is a much better alternative to the g5, add the sensor into the g5 and you have the g500 which is the perfect almagamation of both.

  6. i hav had this mouse for 4 mos.and i play cod4/2
    buttons are the best i hav found on any mouse -so far
    its a great mouse for what i want it for and hav had no problems

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