The 2009 CES Show saw the announcement of the Logitech G19 keyboard, successor to the popular G15 gaming keyboard.

Logitech G19

Logitech have refreshed their entire G-series range, and the new G19 keyboard is designed to fit the style of the new G13 keypad and G9x mouse. This means you get a black case with sharp angles and creases and LED lighting that can be switched to a colour of your choice.

The standout feature of the new G19 is the new full-colour GamePanel LCD screen. This tiltable, 320-by-240-pixel display can show valuable in-game information and currently supports over 60 games. It can also show VoIP communication data, clock, CPU load, and other non-game related things such as pictures or video.

Other features are carried over from the G15. There are twelve programmable ‘G’ keys present, each of which can be programmed with three macros thanks to the three profiles (M1, M2 and M3 buttons). There is also a sliding toggle for the gaming mode, which deactivates the Windows keys to stop you accidentally catching them during a game. Other changes include the ability to press up to five keys simultaneously and have all inputs recognised by the computer.

There’s also support for two USB2.0 sockets at the back of the keyboard, allowing you to plug in additional USB devides such as memory sticks or MP3 players.

“The G-series product line is all about seeing how far we can push the envelope, giving gamers extraordinary, engineered-to-win features developed as a result of our deep connection with the gaming community.
“With each one of these new G-series products, gamers gain exceptional benefits; but most importantly, they can transform their gear to suit their gameplay.”
Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech’s director of product marketing for gaming

The Logitech G19 keyboard is now on sale at a slightly absurd RRP of $199, but seeing as this might be the best gaming keyboard on offer at the moment that price makes more sense. The good news is that retailers are already discounting and you can save at least $40 at Amazon.