One thing that Logitech have had missing from their gaming peripherals range was a decent keypad. Well, now they’ve filled that gap with their new G13 Advanced Gameboard.

Logitech G13 Gameboard

Taking the fight to the Saitek Syborg Command Unit, the G13 has the standard features you’d expect of a decent gaming keypad. A contoured design to comfortably support your hand with oversized keys that fall within easy reach of your fingers. There are twenty-five programmable keys and a programmable mini-joystick. Combined with the three game modes, that means you have access to a toal of 87 programmable actions that can be stored in the G13’s onboard memory. There is, of course, backlighting but in a first for Logitech the colour of the lighting can be modified to ‘any colour of the spectrum’.

The unique feature of the G13 is the 160×43 pixel LCD display that sits at the top of the unit. Working in the same way as the equivalent display on the G15 keyboard, the G13 can show all manner of information including in-game stats, system info and communications from other players.

The only downside is the retail price of $79. At $39 the Saitek Syborg Command Unit is significantly cheaper, but if the G13 keeps to Logitech’s usual high quality standards it might be a price worth paying.

The Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard should be hitting stores sometime this month.

Logitech G13 On Ebay

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