Steel Series Iron Lady - Angel In ActionSteelSeries have recognised the fact that there are ladies out there who actually play computer games by launching their new Iron.Lady bundle.

In a choice of pink or white, the Iron.Lady bundle includes an Ikari laser gaming mouse, a Qck mouse pad and a wristband with the Iron Lady logo on it.

Whether or not this will tempt new ladies into gaming remains to be seen, but it’s a good idea that might catch on with other manufacturers.

The Iron.Lady bundle isn’t just a one-off, it’s actually a spin-off from the popular Iron.Lady gaming tournament held in China. Founded in 2007, this is a gaming tournament that gathers the best female players together to fight for the title of ‘Super Iron Lady’. Players face each other in one-on-one games of Warcraft 3, and despite the age of the game the tournament attracts over 3.7 million viewers in China alone.

Is this something that could catch on in Europe?