Do you spend hour upon hour sat at the computer and eventually come away with a headache and sore, dry eyes? I know I do (work and gaming) and sometimes my eyes can get quite uncomfortable.

Gunnar Optiks Digital Eyewear

Well, a company called Gunnar Optiks have come up with a special range of glasses that seeks to reduce glare from monitors, and make on-screen images and text much clearer and easier to read.  The lenses of the glasses have a yellowish tint that helps to cancel out some of the blue light from overhead lighting and reduce the contrast of the white background of documents on the screen.

The Gunnar Optiks are available in a range of styles and colours, and there’s some information on the site that explains how the technology works.

There’s a review of the lenses over at Gearlog and they do sound quite promising. Priced at $100 they aren’t cheap, but if it saves you getting a pounding headache after a long gaming session then maybe it’s worth the investment.

I just wish they were available with normal prescription glasses.

Source: Gearlog