Ever wanted to own a backlit keyboard but couldn’t afford to buy one? Then take a look at these glow-in-the-dark keyboard stickers.

Glow In The Dark Keyboard Stickers

The stickers are placed on each of your keyboard keys and then, when the lights go out, the stickers will glow and allow you to read your keyboard. Genius, no?

This is possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve seen, particularly if you’re the sort of person who spends any length of time using their keyboard. Have you ever looked at your old keyboard and realised just how worn those WASD keys have become? Now imagine how long a sticker would last – it’s going to have a considerably shorter lifespan than a solid plastic key.

While they’re cheap (just $9.95 at Baron Bob) it might be a better idea to put the money towards a proper backlit keyboard. How about a Saitek Eclipse for a smidge over $30?

Source: Foolish Gadgets