Gaming gear maker Genius are launching a fresh assault on the PC market with their new GX Gaming range, and the bad boy below is the first product in that line – the Genius DeathTaker (gotta love that name).

Genius Deathtaker Mouse

Genius DeathTaker mouse is first in GX Gaming range

It’s an all new design aimed at MMO and RTS players, sporting all the features a player would need in these demanding games. The ergonomic design will suit right-handed gamers and with its bold graphics it certainly looks the part.

First on the feature list is the button count, and with nine fully programmable buttons the Genius DeathTaker is more than up to the challenge. There’s onboard memory for storing up to five button profiles and macros (of up to 55 keys), while the ‘Scorpion’ user interface should make programming the DeathTaker a simple affair.

The DeathTaker uses a laser sensor capable of up to 5,700 dpi. Both the X and Y axis can be programmed separately from as little as 100 dpi up to the maximum 5,700 dpi. There’s also a 1 millisecond response time to ensure smooth control.

Underneath the DeathTaker has a weight system that can hold up to 6 small metal weights, each one weighing 4.5 grams. That’s a total of 27 grams that can be added to the mouse, enough to satisfy gamers who like their mouse to have a slightly more hefty feel.

Of course, a top gaming mouse wouldn’t be complete without some LED backlighting. The Genius DeathTaker makes use of a full palette of 16 million colours to illuminate the scroll wheel.

While the Genius DeathTaker has all of the features you’d expect of a top gaming mouse, it is priced to undercut the established leaders from the likes Razer and Logitech. The retail price is $79, but expect that to drop quite quickly at the usual internet retailers. Don’t let that budget price fool you into thinking that the DeathTaker is a budget product, it’s been tested to destruction and the buttons are rated to a reliable 8 million clicks. That should be enough for quite a few rounds of Starcraft 2.

Genius DeathTaker Mouse

Genius DeathTaker sports 9 buttons, 5,700dpi and adjustable weights

The DeathTaker is the first in the line of new products in the GX Gaming series. Expect to hear more of the GX name in the following months. Check out the preview video to see more of the X Gaming range: