What’s The Best Gaming Mouse Pad?

Have you ever considered if you’re using the best gaming mouse pad for your mouse?

So have you gone out and bought the best gaming mouse, only to use it on the surface of your desk or the back of an old magazine? I know I did for quite some time, but there is a better way. Buying the best gaming mouse pad you can afford can work wonders for your mouse, increasing its sensitivity and response as well as prolonging the life of it’s feet (you know, the slippery bits on the bottom of the mouse that make contact with the desk).

Here is my pick of the bunch if you’re looking for a good gaming mouse pad from the many pads on offer at the moment.

Nova Killer
Gaming Mouse Pad - Nova KillerPlastic surface | 320mm x 320mm x 3mm | £20

The Killer is the largest gaming mouse pad offered by Nova, and is available in grey/orange or grey/silver.
The surface of the pad has a gritty texture, not unlike sandpaper, in which is embedded thousands of tiny micro-mirrors (so they say). This allows the surface to reflect more of the infrared/laser signal back to the mouse, increasing sensitivity as a result. It is also claimed to clean the trackball of a non-optical mouse as it moves over the surface.
The base of the pad is covered in a spongey material that feels sticky, and means it absolutely will not move on your desk. There’s also a rib around the edge of the pad which allows you to instinctively feel when you’re about to move the mouse too far.
My Deathadder worked extremely well on this pad, although there was a little bit of noise as it moved over the surface.

Pros: excellent performance, large size, doesn’t move
Cons: slightly noisy, not cheap

Score: Gaming Mouse Pad - Score 5

Razer eXactMat
Gaming Mouse Pad - Razer eXactMatMetal surface | 330mm x 265mm x 2.5mm | £20

Razer are well known for their range of gaming mice, but they are also pretty good when it comes to making a gaming mouse pad.
The Razer eXactMat is made from an aluminium base covered in a choice of two surfaces – Speed for action gamers and Control for … well, everyone else, I suppose.
When trying out the dual surfaces with my Deathadder I didn’t notice much of a difference. Maybe it works better with trackball or less sensitive optical mice.
The eXactMat can be purchased in a bundle with a gel wrist rest that slides under the pad to hold it in place, giving you that extra bit of comfort.

Pros: strong, large size, optional wrist rest is comfy
Cons: dual surface didn’t make much difference

Score: Gaming Mouse Pad - Score 4

Everglide Monster Mat Fnatic Edition
Gaming Mouse Pad - Everglide Monster MatCloth | 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm | £18

Everglide make a variety of gaming mouse pads, but the Monster is the biggest in the range. The Fnatic edition has been made in conjunction with Team Fnatic and features a striking orange/white design.
Made from a material called Fibertek this feels very much like an old fashioned cloth pad. It works well with any mouse, optical or trackball.
The Fnatic edition comes with a handy tube to protect your pad in transit. Made of copper coloured metal with the Everglide Titan logo embossed on the side, it makes for a great looking addition to your gaming gear.

Pros: large size, comes with cool tube
Cons: pricy for a cloth mouse pad

Score: Gaming Mouse Pad - Score 4

Razer Mantis
Gaming Mouse Pad - Razer MantisCloth surface | 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm | £14

The Mantis is made of the same Fibertek material as the Monster Mat above.
Razer also provide a plastic tube with the pad, although the design is less appealing than that supplied with the Fnatic edition of the Monster Mat.
It can be bought with a choice of two surfaces, Speed and Control, supposedly to give faster responses in action games and more controlled responses in RTS games. I was hard pressed to tell any difference between the two, both giving good response from my Deathadder.

Pros: large size, comes with tube
Cons: cheaper but not as cool as the Fnatic Monster Mat

Score: Gaming Mouse Pad - Score 3

Ice Mat
Gaming Mouse Pad - Ice MatGlass surface | 300mm x 250mm | £28

The IceMat is a thing of beauty, formed from glass to provide a really smooth surface that is cool to the touch. It sits on six rubber feet to hold it in place on your desk, and because it is made of glass it should be able to withstand a lot of use.
It worked extremely well with my Deathadder, although I have read some mutterings on forums that it doesn’t work well with some older optical mice. I think they struggle to pick up movement on the smooth surface.

Pros: strong, long lasting, looks really cool
Cons: expensive, don’t drop it!

Score: Gaming Mouse Pad - Score 5

So which is the best gaming mouse pad of this bunch? I think it depends on whether you prefer glass, plastic or cloth, and also how you intend to use the pad. If you’re on the move a lot with your PC then I would recommend the Fnatic Monster Mat, as the tube is very handy for keeping the mouse pad clean.

Otherwise, despite the expense I think it has to be the IceMat. It feels great, looks cool and works extremely well. It’s a gaming mouse pad that I definitely recommend!

Author: Chris

Chris is a devout PC gamer who spends way, way too much time sat at his PC either gaming or writing. You can find Chris on Google+

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  1. Where’s the Dual Sided Razer Vespula in all of this? Also, this feels like it’s all base on “bigger mouse pads r better lulz”

  2. Hi GI[MeeP]! Bit of an old post this. I’m working on a list of gaming mouse pads like I’ve done for gaming mice and gaming keyboards, and the Vespula will be on there.

  3. I purchased a 17×14 cloth (porous surface) and when bacteria and germs got into the cloth, I got an infection yet to be healed after a year. Beware of Cloth or porous material. It may not happen but it happened to me. Now am looking for the old fashioned plastic, non-porous and that is sold is basically for 13″ monitors.

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