The colour red has lots of different meanings. It is a hot colour that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. It can be used to signify danger, a warning of bad things to happen and yet it’s also the colour of happiness and prosperity in China. But from the beginning, an RPG player will know that red means health, and a little red potion – that must be a health boost!

So here’s a little red potion from the guys at ThinkGeek that should give you a boost when your gaming stamina is nearly spent. Containing 160ml of caffeine, the tiny 1.69oz bottles can give you the same boost as two cans of Red Bull or 4 cups of strong coffee, but doesn’t contain any sugar so there shouldn’t be an unpleasant energy crash afterwards. As well as the caffeine there is elderberry, ginseng, biotin, and folic acid mixed into the potion, and the claim is that you will get 5-8 hours of smooth energy boost.

I’ve not tried the stuff so couldn’t say if it works or whether or not it tastes nice (apple & cinnamon flavour, yum). Still, it sounds like a good idea and is pitched perfectly at gamers. If you’re interested they also do a blue mana potion that contains the same stuff.

It certainly sounds a more appetising prospect than eating pizza-flavoured Gamer Grub .