ECCI Trackstar 6000

If you’re really, and I mean REALLY, into your driving sims then the ECCI Trackstar 6000 is the PC steering wheel for you.

ECCI Trackstar 6000 GTS Wheel

To the untrained eye the Trackstar 6000 could be mistaken for a standard PC steering wheel that’s been tarted up with a smart two-tone leather wheel and lots of shiny aluminium. But the beauty of the Trackstar 6000 is in the attention to detail.

The Trackstar 6000 doesn’t use electric motors to provide force feedback like other wheels, instead using a Fluid Damped Steering system (FLDS) to give an even more realistic simulation of driving feel. The FLDS also gives greater stability and smoothness of control as the fluid allows smooth and subtle movements to go unhindered while sharp and extreme movements are resisted. ECCI have even designed an optional aluminium cooling sleeve to fit around the fluid reservoir, because “running long distance rallye or sprint car style endurance events, heat buildup over time can modify the damping effect slightly”.

Behind the wheel are short-throw paddles that allow quick and easy gear changes. The wheel itself can be chosen from a wide range of options, from ordinary 3-spoke to F1-style Momo, and the shape of the paddle shifter is tailored to match the profile of the wheel.

Of course, you also get pedals with the wheel, but these are also far removed from your basic plastic items. Three top-pivoting pedals are crafted from aluminium and are mated to a very solid-looking adjustable heel rest. The pedals are also adjustable down to the finest detail, including the angle from vertical, height from heel rest, spacing between pedals and individual pedal resistance rate.

So the Trackstar 6000 is a step-up from your usual plastic gaming wheel, but at a price. The top-of-the-line Trackstar 6000 GTS will set you back an eye-watering $1428 (excluding shipping and taxes) while the basic 6000, which has a vinyl wheel and only two pedals comes in at $989.

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  1. need a very good wheel for X box 360 for forza3 Thanks John

  2. Hi John. The answer would be easy if the Logitech G25 or G27 supported the Xbox, but as they don’t your choice is limited. I’m not completely up to speed on wheels for the Xbox, but I had a quick look on Amazon and the official Xbox wheel seemed to get the best average review (4 out of 5 with 93 reviews) – maybe it’s worth a look.

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