We’ve already seen Gamer Grub and Health Potions, but now there’s a new range of game-oriented drinks – the Dungeons & Dragons Limited Edition Spellcasting Soda.

Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Soda

With flavours including Potion Of Healing, Sneak Attack, Dwarven Draught, Eldritch Blast, Ilithid Brain Juice and Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer you can easily tell the sort of gamer this is aimed at.

You can choose which ‘real’ flavours you want when you order from a wide range, including cola, Blue Bubblegum, FuFu Berry, Green Apple and Strawberry Lime, to name a few.

It’s difficult to know whether products like this are serious or just taking the pi$$, but the makers Jones are obviously serious about making some money. Prices are $11 for a 6-pack or $19 for a 12-pack (plus shipping and handling fees).

Source: Jones