Gaming mice continue to get more sophisticated which is great for us gamers, but at the same time the prices keep on going up. So how about a gaming mouse that includes features from the best mice but doesn’t kick you in the wallet? Enter the Cyber Snipa Stinger.

Cyber Snipa Stinger Mouse

Max DPI 3200
Polling Rate 1000Hz (1ms)
Max Tracking speed 45 inches/second
Frame Rate 7080 frames/second
Buttons 9 (6 programmable)
Special Features
  • 8kb of onboard memory
  • 3 button profiles for 18 possible macros
  • 7 removable weights (20g each)

The specifications make for impressive reading and the features list rivals the likes of the Logitech G9 and Microsoft Sidewinder. But before we get too excited let’s just go through that list in a little more detail.

A Sensitive Soul

First of all is the 3,200 dpi laser sensor. With the exception of the 4,000dpi Razer Lachesis, that puts the Cyber Snipa Stinger on par with the most sensitive of gaming mice such as the G9 and Sidewinder. The dpi is adjustable, starting at 400dpi, with increments being programmable through the driver software. However, there are only four increments available which makes it less flexible than some of it’s competitors, but it should be enough for most people.

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere

Next, the number of buttons also makes the Cyber Snipa Stinger stand out from the crowd. Nine buttons is a lot for a mouse, although the mouse wheel makes up three of that total (button and two-way tilt) and only six of the buttons are programmable. Even then, six programmable buttons is good and each one can be assigned a single keystroke or a macro. Up to three button profiles can be stored in the onboard memory, meaning you can potentially have 18 different macros available from the mouse. This is good, but is beaten by the likes of Razer who use 96k of onboard memory to store up to five profiles. The dpi setting also changes the colour of the scroll wheel to tell you which one is active, where at the lowest dpi the light is off and then progresses through red, green and finally blue.

Who Ate all The Pies?

The removable weights are another popular feature, following in the footsteps of Logitech’s G5 and G9 and the Microsoft Sidewinder. In the case of the Cyber Snipa Stinger there are seven weights, each weighing 20grams, so you can add a total of 140g to the weight of your mouse. The system isn’t quite as flexible as the Logitech mice, which provide 4g and 7g weights so you can fine-tune the weight, but on the other hand Logitech’s system only allows you to add up to 28g. If you like a hefty mouse the Stinger is the one to go for.

Creature Comforts

As far as comfort goes the Stinger is a nice mouse to use for extended periods. The top of the mouse is covered in a rubbery material, similar to the Razer Deathadder, which makes it both comfortable and grippy. The sides of the mouse have more rubber, this time in bright red to give the Cyber Snipa Stinger its eye-catching colour scheme.

Lefties can ignore the Stinger, as it has a right-handed shape. It is also quite a large mouse with a tall arch, making it much more suited for people who like to move the mouse with the palm of their hand and, due to its size, less suited to players who prefer a claw-like grip.


Downsides? Not many really.

Some advanced gamers might find the driver software a little basic, but less experienced users might appreciate that. Also, if I’m really harsh I would say the colours of the illuminated scroll wheel don’t go with the overall colour scheme and the illuminated crosshair on the back of the mouse looks a bit tacky. But they are minor criticisms.

So what’s the biggest problem about this mouse? Badge snobbery. The Razer and Logitech fanboys will barely give this mouse a second glance. Fair enough, the Cyber Snipa Stinger doesn’t quite match up to the polished perfection of a mouse such as the Logitech G9, but it does give about 90% of the performance and features for about 50% of the price.

If you’re not bothered about which manufacturer’s badge sits on your mouse, whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for a good mouse, I can highly recommend the Cyber Snipa Stinger.

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