Cyber Snipa Silencer Mouse

Cyber Snipa are ready to join the 5000dpi club with their new Silencer mouse.

Cyber Snipa Silencer Mouse

The Cyber Snipa Stinger is one of my favourite gaming mice, as it combines a great set of features with a cheap price. It looks like the Silencer is set to repeat that winning formula by combining a 5000dpi laser sensor with a few other features and still undercut the competition by some margin.

The laser sensor is adjustable from just 100 up to 5000dpi with a choice of 4 dpi levels for in-game adjustment. The polling rate of 1000Hz rate is up there with the best and the sensor is capable of reading 7,400 frames/second and can track at speeds of up to 150 inches/second.

The Cyber Snipa Silencer has a little more up its sleeve than just a new laser. There are nine buttons, each of which can be re-programmed in one of seven gaming profiles, allowing the Silencer to have up to 63 functions or macros assigned to it. Mind you, the chances of me remembering how I allocated up 63 actions across nine buttons are slim, but if I ever did manage to get my memory working properly then it’s nice to know that the Silencer can hold more profiles than most of the competition (who seem to stop at five profiles).

Another nice touch is a choice of two side grips. Both grips are made of rubber with one featuring a smooth surface while the other is grooved for added finger support. While it’s an idea that’s been executed more successfully by Logitech on the G9 and G9x, this is a nice touch that could make the Silencer a comfortable proposition for more gamers.

The final feature is a weight changing system. A cartridge holds up to six 4.9gram weights, allowing you to add up to 29.4 grammes to the Silencer.

The Cyber Snipa Silencer is not available just yet but can be pre-ordered from Amazon for just $50.99, significantly undercutting the retail price of $64.99.

Cyber Snipa Silencer On Ebay

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Author: Chris

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  1. ok,i just placed my order and hope this is good for cod4/2

  2. Thanks asain. Same chassis, different innards. Never managed to get my hands on either the Smog or the Edge, they’re like gold dust outside of mainland Europe.

  3. thats true -i tried everywhere in europe-and not one site was willing to ship to usa even the mfc [email protected]#$%^&*

  4. ok.i got it
    works great for cod4/2 and was a bit hard to setup button macros
    nice feel-good button access

  5. Does it have a normal rubber cord or a braided one?

    And can you change the colors of the lights?

  6. It looks like the insides of these mice (Ozone Smog, Ace Edge3200, Cyber Snipa Silencer) are the same too. They all use the Avango 9500 sensor, which goes up to 3600 DPI, but can go up to 5040 virtually (with their software).

    It looks like all of these are the same mice with just slightly different paintjobs.

  7. well i wasted my money again
    i went back to my g500,as this mouse is not as precise as g500/mionix/kone/mx1100-
    just did not enjoy it
    and now trying to get a return request from cyber snipa -no reply after 3 emails/calls

  8. woops -one more thig-the profile mode button on top seems to be a bad idea as its easy to hit when playing

  9. Sorry to hear you didn’t like the Silencer. I can understand the G500, Mionix and Kone being more responsive, but you really think the MX1100 is better?

  10. for some reason i just like the button layout and wireless and for now its great -i will be trying to get the mionax nanos to hopefully replace the mx1100
    which mouse do you have

  11. Repeat question!
    Does it have a normal rubber cord or a braided one?
    And can you change the colors of the lights?

    >.> I wanna know… lol

  12. Sorry Galaxy, forgot to answer. Yes, the cord is braided but as far as I can tell you can’t change the LEDs. There’s no mention of changing colours on the Cyber Snipa website, which you’d think they’d mention if the Silencer could do it.

  13. just keep in mind any returns to this company will result in a restock charge and good luck on any reply to emails or calls

  14. I have the Edge 3200 exactly the same and you can change the led lights to about 30 colours:D its super responsive and works great for mw2 and bfbc2:D It’s cheaper then the snipa silencer

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