Is your PC case running a bit hot? Need to upgrade your fans and feel like adding a splash of colour at the same time? Then the Corsair SP120 RGB fan is just what you need as it’s now available in a triple pack.

Corsair’s SP series of fans sit in the middle of their range, between the entry-level ML range and the top HD Pros. They offer LED lighting that can be configured using the included control box but they’re more than just a pretty case accessory.

They also offer top drawer air-pushing performance, rated at 52 cubic feet per minute (CFM). They’re quiet too, with Corsair claiming that they emit just 26dBA while spinning at 1,400rpm, thanks to their hydraulic bearings.

Corsair SP120 Fan

Corsair SP120 Fan

The Corsair SP120 RGB fan is now available as a pack of three fans complete with controller unit to setup the LED effects. This pack represents a great value way of upgrading your PC’s cooling and adding a bit of colour at the same time.

The SP120’s blades are made from translucent plastic with a frosted texture. This allows the light from the four hub-mounted RGB LEDs to illuminate the whole blade with some dazzling results. You can even set up some amazing animations with colours pulsing and flowing from fan to fan.

Just make sure they will fit your case. As the name suggests this Corsair SP120 RGB fan measures 120mm across so measure your vents before you buy. Corsair don’t currently offer these fans in the larger 140mm that some cases require.

You’ll also need a motherboard with an open standard 3-pin fan connector. You only need one as the three fans plug into a central control unit and this unit then plugs into your motherboard’s fan controller.