Best Gaming Mouse 2009

We’re a few months into the year and there have been a number of gaming mice released, so it’s time to choose the best gaming mouse for 2009.

Since last year there have been a number of good gaming mice released, so where do they fit in the chart? Which is the best gaming mouse available now? Here’s my top 10:

10. Steelseries World Of Warcraft

3200dpi | 15 programmable buttons | 10 button profiles | Ambidextrous

Apart from the blatant marketing in the link to the game, the WoW mouse is pretty good. It has a 3200dpi laser sensor and clever lighting but its biggest selling point is the huge number of programmable buttons – fifteen in total. You can also create up to 10 button profiles (one per character?) each with its own LED colouring. That’s a lot of macros, making the mouse ideal for MMORPG players but less so for FPS fans. It might not be the best gaming mouse, but is worth a look if you want lots of buttons.

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9. Razer Lachesis

4000dpi laser sensor | 9 programmable buttons | 5 button profiles | Adjustable sensitivity | Ambidextrous

The Razer Lachesis still boasts one of the highest dpi ratings available today, with a high-tech 4000dpi laser sensor. It also has nine programmable buttons and five different profiles that can be stored in the onboard memory and swapped on-the-fly. Add to that a very comfortable ambidextrous shape and Razerโ€™s trademark lighting and you have the makings of a great gaming mouse. But it’s pricey and really, are you sure you need 4000dpi?

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8. Logitech G5

2000dpi laser sensor | 9 buttons | Adjustable weight | Adjustable sensitivity | Right-handed

The G5 is an old design now, but until recently would have been considered the best gaming mouse by many gamers. It is comfortable and well built, and the weight cartridge allows up to 36grams to be added to give the mouse a heavier feel according to your taste. Nowadays it is quite cheap, so if you’re on a tight budget this could be your ideal mouse. Note that later models have two thumb buttons on the side, earlier versions just the one.

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7. Logitech G7

2000dpi | 8 programmable buttons | Wireless | Adjustable sensitivity | Right-handed

A wireless gaming mouse with 2000dpi that upon release was an instant hit. The Logitech G7 was the first mouse to prove that wireless technology really was suitable for lag-free gaming. Getting on a bit now, it has only just been bettered by the upcoming Microsoft Sidewinder X8 and Razer Mamba. There is no charging cradle but instead it uses a pair of swappable Li-ion batteries. Also, only one thumb button marks this down slightly.

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6. Microsoft Sidewinder

2000dpi laser sensor | 9 buttons (5 programmable) | Adjustable sensitivity | Adjustable weight | Right-handed

The first of the new Microsoft Sidewinder range is still the best (excluding the wireless X8). It packs in plenty of features, including adjustable weight, dpi buttons with LCD display and macro recording on-the-fly. It even includes spare feet for a different gliding feel, which are stored with the weights in a built-in cable tidy/storage box.

Good price now, so is great value for money. Shame about those side buttons, they can take some getting used to.

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5. Roccat Kone

3200dpi laser sensor | 10 buttons (8 programmable) | 5 button profiles | Adjustable weight | Custom colour LEDs | Right-handed

A stylish mouse with trick LED lighting that gives Razer a run for their money. The Roccat Kone is packed full of features including excellent 3200dpi sensor, adjustable weight cartridge, programmable buttons and some great driver software. Each of the five LEDs can have their own colour, so great mouse for customisation. A large mouse, not for those with small hands, but otherwise very comfortable. Difficult to get hold of outside Europe, but this is one of the best gaming mice currently available.

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4. Cyber Snipa Stinger

3200dpi | 9 buttons (6 programmable) | 3 button profiles | Adjustable weight | Right-handed

The Cyber Snipa Stinger is a great choice if you want 3200dpi for a low price. It may be cheap to buy but it doesn’t skimp on features, with six programmable buttons and three button profiles allowing up to eighteen macros to be stored on the mouse. There is room to add up to 7 weights allowing 140g of additional weight, and the scroll wheel glows a different colour to tell you what level of DPI you’re at. Colouring might not be to everyone’s taste, but otherwise a great mouse.

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3. Logitech MX518

1800dpi optical sensor | 8 programmable buttons | Adjustable sensitivity | Right-handed

An old design but a good one that still remains popular. The Logitech MX518 boasts 8 buttons so allows more control to be moved from the keyboard. It is solidly built, very reliable and represents excellent value for money. It might not have the latest sensor technology but it is probably more than most gamers will ever really need. It might be old, but that means stable driver software and bulletproof build quality.

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2. Razer Deathadder

1800dpi infrared sensor | 5 programmable buttons | 5 button profiles | Adjustable sensitivity | Right-handed

Iโ€™ve placed the Deathadder so high up the list because, like the MX518, it makes a great all-round gaming mouse. Released to rave reviews, the Deathadder provides you with an excellent 1800dpi infrared sensor, five programmable buttons and an extremely comfortable shape. Like the MX518 it ‘only’ has 1800dpi, this time with a 3G infrared sensor, but for longer sessions I find the Deathadder more comfortable with its arched back that supports the hand. A great design.

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1. Logitech G9/G9x

3200dpi laser sensor | 7 buttons | 5 button profiles | Adjustable sensitivity | Variable weight | Interchangeable grips | Custom colour LEDs | Right-handed

The Logitech G9 can be all things to all gamers. You can get an original G9 with 3200dpi or a G9x with 5000dpi. You can change the shape of the mouse with the detachable grips and then alter its weight with the detachable weights. You can change the look of the mouse by customising the colour of the LED display, or order a custom grip with a picture of your choice. Even the srcoll-wheel can be switched between smooth and clicky movement. The G9 may be expensive, but you do get a lot of features and premium build quality, making it my choice if you want the best gaming mouse.

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What’s Missing?

I didn’t include the Razer Mamba or Microsoft Sidewinder X8 because I haven’t managed to get my hands on either of them yet. Both sound like they will be great gaming mice and would feature high on this list, but I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen them.

Donโ€™t Agree?

Think Iโ€™ve got it wrong? Do you want to recommend your favourite mouse? Then leave a comment! Hang on, just let me go and get my flameproof suit.

Author: Chris

Chris is a devout PC gamer who spends way, way too much time sat at his PC either gaming or writing. You can find Chris on Google+

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  1. Glad to see the Cyber Snipa Stinger getting some recognition, but it should be at number one. By far the best gaming mouse I’ve ever had.

  2. Hi Stevie. You’re right, the Stinger is a great mouse, but ultimately I think it lacks the quality feel of the top 3. Hopefully Cyber Snipa will be able to grab the top spot if they bring out another mouse.

  3. The steelseries mouse is just a marketing con to tempt crazy warcraft players. Way too many buttons, some are difficult to use and its expensive too. No way it should be on a list of top gaming mice.

  4. Hi Sicis. Typical Razer, release a great new mouse with poor drivers. Mamba apparently still struggles with soft mouse pads like the Lachesis. One day they’ll learn.

    I very nearly put the IME 3.0 in the list. It is a good mouse – not sure it’s better than the G7 but it probably should have been in the list above the Steelseries WoW.

    I still use a Deathadder after two years. If I was to upgrade it would be for a G9, but for the time being I’ll stick with it.

  5. Mamba still have a lot issues. Maybe it may be nice wireless gaming mouse, but atm it may come with big problems.
    Why u didnt include Microsoft IME 3.0 or wheel mouse optical? Arent they better than G5 or G7 lol?
    Btw i use Deathadder, i would place it in 1st, cuz of ergonomic shape, havent use G9 thought.

  6. The WOW mouse shouldn’t be in the top 10 at all.
    As for the order for this list it is quite a change up from the 2008 list.
    I don’t understand how the MX518 went from 7th to 3rd. The sidewinder from 3rd to 6th. Lachesis from 5th to 9th. And the G7 came out of nowhere.
    I know it is mostly up to user preferences for mice, but you (Chris) did both lists…
    The MX518 absolutely should not have gone to the top 3 and the G7 should not have popped into 6th. At least one of the two charts are quite wrong and some criteria needs to be implemented instead of an arbitrary system.
    Anyways I just ordered the Cyber Snipa Stinger yesterday to replace my G5 v1. I want to hold out for the next gen wireless gaming mouse or the G9x and it seems like the Stinger is one of the best bang for the $.
    I had the Mamba for less than a week before returning it due to absolutely poor performance on several levels.

  7. Uh oh, I’m being held to account here!

    OK Will, first off you’re right about the WoW mouse and with hindsight I should have left it off the list. It’s USP is the amazing number of buttons, but really they’re not all that useful.

    The Lachesis plummeted to 9th thanks to feedback from friends who bought them. On the right day, with the right mouse pad and a good north-easterly wind, the Lachesis is great. But the rest of the time it’s over-sensitive to movement and button presses. Shame, really.

    The MX518 went up because I picked up a second-hand one off eBay for my work PC (my Krait had started acting up) and I learned to appreciate its solidity and comfort. Logitech seemed to get things just right with that mouse, and they’re such a bargain now. Finally, I felt the G7 was an omission on last year and should have been included as it is still a good wireless gaming mouse, although I suspect the Sidewinder X8 would kick its ass.

    Interesting to hear about your experience with the Mamba, you’re not the only person to complain. It would appear that Razer haven’t learnt from the poor launches of the Deathadder and Lachesis.

    Good luck with the Stinger, it’s a good little mouse. Pop back and let us know how you’re getting on with it.

    And criticism noted – when I get round to doing Best Gaming Mouse 2010 I’ll try to implement some sort of proper scoring system ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
    I thought you did have some reasons to change the list like so, but the changes were just so dramatic.
    I realize you are compiling a list of the best gaming mouse and writing a mini review is not what you are intending.
    Now that I have exposed the reasoning behind those mice ranking changes, heh heh ๐Ÿ™‚ , other users will hopefully read the comments and see the reasoning.

    The only real quibble after all this is the Logitech G5 should switch places with the G7 at the minimum. The G5 has been a proven winner from the start (besides the one back button for the first revision) and I have to say the number one conservative choice.
    I’m not sure if the G7 should be on that list as it still has quite a bit of annoyances with degrading performance overtime and the lack of battery life.
    The worst gaming mouse is the gaming mouse which does not work.

    Anyways I chose the Stinger mainly because of all the positive reviews about the mouse coupled with the lower price when compared to the G5 V2 and Deathadder.
    It’s great to see a list like this setup since somebody has ranked mice to their liking and it has helped me find a great mouse I have not done research on before. I am obligated to thank you for that!

    If I remember to I will be sure to reply back with a mini review of the Stinger.

  9. It’s always good to see some feedback on a post like this.

    So come on folks, lets have some suggestions to replace the Steelseries mouse at number 10.

  10. chris,which one do u use ?

  11. At the moment I’m using a Deathadder and Kone as my main gaming mice (one for my laptop, one for my desktop PC). The Deathadder is two years old and still going strong, the Kone six months and (so far) hasn’t succumbed to the problem with the faulty scroll wheel. Deathadder is my favourite of those two.

    As mentioned above I also use an MX518 at work, as my Krait recently started having problems with the left-click and a hyperactive scrollwheel.

    If my Deathadder dies I’m definitely getting a Logitech G9. I borrowed a friend’s G9 for a week and was smitten by it. Comfortable, built like a brick shit-house and full of features.

  12. Hey, my real name’s Chris too, I just thought that was a little funny.

    Anyway, I’m 14 and just getting into taking FPS’s seriously, so as a result I’m getting a new mouse, headset, cooling pad (for my awesome gaming laptop), and mousepad.

    So basically it’s between the Deathadder, Mamba, or Logitech G9x.

    I heard that the Deathadder’s driver software doesn’t work with Vista, which is what I have, is this true?

    Like, I won’t be able to access the program to change what the extra buttons do and so forth, do you know anything about this?

    The Mamba seems really nice although it might seem to have some software problems as well, what with the problem where if you click the cursor jitters a little, like a lot of the Youtube reviews show.

    And the G9x doesn’t look comfortable for a palm player like me with pretty big hands, but what do you think about all of that?

  13. Hi Chris, good name!

    I can’t speak from personal Vista experience, I’m sticking with XP until Windows 7 is released. However, I have heard of problems with Deathadder drivers on 64-bit Vista. I think Razer have been working on proper 64-bit compatibility, not certain though. Latest firmware is 1.27 (1.28 is optional) and drivers are 1.09, Razer support for more info. Might be worth sending them a ticket to ask, but don’t expect a speedy response.

    Personally I’d steer well clear of the Mamba until the early driver issues are sorted and the price drops below $100. Let other gamers take the pain and the cost for a few months – they shouldn’t have to, but it seems to be how Razer do business.

    As for the G9, I’m a palm gripper and I do find it comfortable, but the Deathadder is more comfy as the arch in its back supports the palm more.

  14. Thanks a lot, people know me as DoA-Neo from a few games so I figured I should use it here to, in case some one recognizes me.

    Thanks for the info, I figured I should stay clear of the Mamba for a while, but I really like the dock and the “convertible” power ability is really cool, one I’d use a lot.

    The Deathadder does look really comfortable, which after using MY mouse for a while I’m really looking for in a mouse 100%.

    Plus I can get the Deathadder for $50 from Amazon with free shipping, and the Mamba is pretty expensive.

    Thanks a lot, I’ll be ordering my Deathadder soon, so then my clan mates can stop yelling at me for missing a clean shot, haha.

  15. As promised I have had a few days with the Cyber Snipa Stinger and will write a mini review.
    The mouse comes in a plastic pack like packaging so you have to have scissors or a razor. I really despise these types of packing as it is a pain to open, you can get cut easily and the package is basically destroyed in the process of opening it.
    The mouse looks fine to me with the red/black theme, but the LED on the scroll wheel and the red lighted cross hair puts it out of place. It is not a mouse to get if you really worry about aesthetics. It would be great if the software allowed you to control the intensity of the lighting, but it is like a budget gaming mouse (I snagged it for $37 shipped) and compromises have to be made.
    The left/right mouse clicks feel normal and are not loud like on the Mamba. The back/front buttons above the thumb feel a bit cheap to me, but they work fine.
    The anti slip grips feel absolutely great and it is a pretty good mouse for a palm user. I am like a hybrid user switching between palm and claw (claw uses the wrist to aim) and find the mouse fine. Of course I am still getting a bit used to it, but it is not as hard for me due to using the G5 for years.
    The weight cover system was quite hard to get open, but once I did I made sure not to close it all the way just in case I wanted to get it open again.
    The scroll wheel is a lot quieter than my G5 (a huge plus), but still retains the same quality of being hard to depress. Mice with tilt wheels tend to have that characteristic. I have to say the wheel on the Mamba was the absolute best wheel to use even though it lacked tilting.
    I am completely satisfied with this mouse and hope it will last for a while. Too bad most have not even heard of the Cyber Snipa Stinger since the gaming mouse market is dominated by Logitech and Razer.

  16. @Chris – good luck with the Deathadder, I’m sure you’ll find it a great mouse. Hope it gives you many happy headshots!

    @Will – thanks for popping back with the review. I completely agree about the scroll wheel, the colours don’t fit in with the look of the mouse. Razer wouldn’t have come up with such a design, but you’re not paying Razer prices either. It is a shame that Cyber Snipa don’t get more exposure, their products do deserve more recognition. Their Game Pad is pretty good too!

  17. By the way the Lachesis looked really comfy, but I figured with all the massive amounts of negative reviews on it about the bugs and software problems, I figured I should just skip it.

    Otherwise it looks nice.

    Does Razer make any mice with adjustable weighting like Logitech does?

  18. Razer seemed to have ignored the weights thing, with one exception. The Copperhead Tools package allows you to customise a Copperhead mouse, but it’s far from being as easy as on other mice. You have to take a screwdriver to the mouse to add one of three weights (5g, 10g and 15g). Funnily enough they’ve not released the same thing for any of their other mice.

  19. Ha, thanks Chris, I won’t be getting a Copperhead though, haha.

    But thanks, I was just wondering because most major mouse manufacturers have at least one or two mice with adjustable weights, but I guess Razer didn’t think that was important.

    So thanks!

  20. Sorry about the double post but I was just having second thoughts about the Deathadder’s driver problem, so I reread your overviews, and the Roccat Kone looked AWESOME but I see the problem that you mentioned, I can’t find a place that sells it, even online. does, but there it’s in pounds and I don’t want to buy in that (I’m American, dollar) so you mentioned that you have one, I thought maybe I could ask where you got yours from, or if you are European and had no problem getting it, then maybe help me out finding somewhere to order it from?

    Thanks a lot, sorry I’m being so stupid, lol.

  21. I’m a Brit, so Kone’s are slightly easier to get hold of over here. I got mine from, but if you look on eBay and select worldwide in the search options you should find some sellers who are willing to ship to the US. I’m seeing prices of about $70 to $80. Just make sure you check with them that it will be a Kone V2, the original Kone had a flimsy scroll wheel so a new version was rushed out recently.

  22. Alright thanks man, I’ll hold out for a week or two here to see if Razer comes out with a new Vista 64 bit driver for the Deathadder and if not I’ll get a Kone.


  23. i bought a lachesis 2 weeks ago, it sucked big time, first its the software problem, the mouse jumps on the screen, then it had some tracking problem on a soft mouse pads, i had to returned it. now im looking at mamba and G9, i have heard alot of positive feedback about G9, but not much about mamba, anyone have one can give me some advice? im a huge razor fan too btw.

  24. Hi qzling. Don’t jump into getting a Mamba too soon in case you end up repeating your Lachesis problems. If you really want a Mamba just grab a G9 for now, wait for Razer to finish development/testing, then stick the G9 on Ebay and put the money towards a new Mamba. Prices will have dropped by then!

  25. thanks for the response! pretty disappointed at razer putting unfinished product on the shelf =( both lachesis and the new mamba

  26. I went to my local Best Buy (the only electronics store nearby since Circuit City went out of business) and I actually saw and felt the SteelSeries WoW mouse, Logitech G5, and Razer Deathadder.

    I really liked the metal on the SteelSeries, because I’m naturally a “hot” person, like I feel hot when others are comfortable, so I really loved the cold metal, but other than that it felt horrible.

    The G5 felt surprisingly “plasticy” when I held it. It felt like I could break it if I squeezed hard enough, and I didn’t like the click of the mouse buttons. The Deathadder was extremely plain without the lights on, but I loved the placement of the two thumb buttons. I found the scroll wheel surprisingly hard to scroll with, but I figure I’ll get used to it.

    Now I just can’t wait for my Deathadder to come :P.

  27. Do not get the MS Sidewinder X8 mouse. I didn’t even have to start using it with the computer – the wheel SUCKS. The side buttons suck almost as much. Learned my lesson (again) – always try out and or read reviews first. Looks like Logitech G9x here I come…

  28. was wondering whats the best mouse to play WOW. I know theres theSteelseries World Of Warcraft mouse but i heard ppl said its crap, would the G9 be good for WoW?

  29. @Robocasper – thanks for the warning about the X8

    @Robocasper – WoW mouse might have 15 buttons but they’re not all useful (wishing I’d not included it in this list now). Look for a good mouse that has a few buttons that allow you to assign macros to. That way you can string together a sequence of WoW actions to a single button. Yes, G9 is good as it has 7 programmable buttons, but also look at the cheaper MX518 with 8 buttons if dpi is not a priority. Also consider Razer mice, the Roccat Kone and Cyber Snipa Stinger.

  30. How is my Steelseries Ikari not on this list? I picked one up to replace my Sidewinder which I did like but after 6 months the right button started to stick and the Ikari is a MUCH better mouse. Fully adjustable driverless cpi and has a much more responsive laser. Great mouse.

  31. Have you tested the NZXT Avatar? Personally i have not, but it would be interesting to see how it would compare…

    Also, I think the Cyber Snipa Stinger seems awesome, but apperently there is more mices with near-same design.
    Thus, it doesn`t stand out as much.

    As for me, I use the steelseries ikari laser. It is a good gaming mouse, however it may be a bit high and large for some…

    ALSO! there is a new gaming mice from Gigabyte, have you tested it? seems cool and exiting. it is called:

  32. @BababooeyHTJ – I haven’t played with an Ikari for a while but was impressed with build quality, if not by the plain design, but their no nonsense approach is to be admired. Perhaps the Ikari should boot the WoW mouse out of the top 10?

    @asain I’ve only had a quick go with the NZXT Avatar, which seemed OK but I’d need to spend more time with it to be sure. Might be a contender next year?

    I previously compared Stinger vs Dominatrix and the Stinger is best thanks to a superior sensor. I hadn’t seen the MSI Star Mouse, but based on it’s design I’d steer well clear.

    Also, thanks for bringing the Gigabyte Ghost to my attention. Looks interesting, will see if I can get hold of one.

  33. I’ve had a G9 for about a year now and love the thing. Been thinking about picking up the Mamba and I hear they’ve put out new drivers (1.3) which seem to have fixed every issue. If anyone can correct me on this or suggest on whether or not I should just wait for the G9x it’d be much appreciated.

  34. If they fixed everything about the Mamba, I would be super impressed.

    Because as hardware it’s AWESOME, it just had major software issues, but if this driver did fix everything, it’ll be a great mouse for years to come, just like the Deathadder.

    Speaking of which, mine just came today, and I’ll write a mini-review of my experience so far.

    Ok, first off, the packaging is super cool.

    Before you even open it you’re excited.

    When you get it open and everything, and you download the new driver from Razer, it works like a charm.

    The fully customizable buttons are great, and the driver works awesome, and the profiles are an amazing addition because this mouse does ONLY have 5 buttons, including the right and mouse buttons, which if you’re like me and don’t want to mess with, leaves only 3 buttons you can really customize.

    So far I have set up one profile for web surfing, one for word processor work, one for FPS’s, and one for RPG’s/MMORG’s (even though I don’t play either very much).

    And it is super comfortable, I’m still figuring out how to hold this mouse because it is so much bigger than my old one, but it is super comfortable!

    I love it……….really………like, a lot.

    For $45, it’s a steal, anyone looking for a great mouse I’d recommend this one :P.

  35. Hey Chris, thanks for coming back with your review. Glad to hear you like your Deathadder!

  36. I was at Bestbuy yesterday helping my little sister pick out a laptop for college while I stumbled upon the Mamba in person. I grabbed someone that was nearby and told them I’d buy it for 100(it was selling for 129.99). after about 5 minutes of the guy running around to different managers he came back with “Bad news”. Yup apparently him being able to sell me for 30 dollars cheaper is bad news! I’ll let you guys know how the mouse is.

  37. Nice one Alex. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

  38. hey all.

    after reading all posts. i wonder why no one posted any more feedback about the G9x? i need a new mouse, using a MX Revolution atm. great mouse, but i’ve been told wireless lags =) not talking about accu. readed alot about some other mice.

    no one has the G9x ?? cause i just want to have the best =P


  39. Gaming mice is a personall preference. The fact that the logitech G9x is on the top here only tells you what was best for Chris. I have tried the G9 but just never feelt comfortable with it, so I didn`t buy it.

    What are you looking for in a gaming mice? What feutures are important for you?

  40. Hey, i recently got this microsoft laser mouse 7000 yeah bad choice to light and the button requires effort to press.

    I want a nice mouse were i can click fast and customize it to my liking (weigh wise)
    I was thinking about the cyber snipa but it seems to small and might feel cheap.(prove me wrong please=)

    i am also looking at the G5 and MX518, which one is better feel? and should i get. im hearing alot of people choosing the deathhadder but its like eh to me. Well my main components for a good mouse is, Feel,comfort, touch and reliability. Thx!!

  41. Hi Mat,
    I don’t think I can prove you wrong, the Cyber Snipa does feel a little cheap compared to Razer/Logitech mice, but if you want weights it’s the one I’d choose from those you list. If feel/comfort is most important then go for the Deathadder, it’s a comfortable shape and nice to hold thanks to the rubber coating but has fewer buttons than the MX518 and G5.

  42. Thx Chris, is the cheap feeling really noticeable compared to the deathadder lol, darn i just ordered the snipa =(. yea buttons are really my thing i dont think over 5 good for me =p.

    O yea, what about the clicking, what is smoother also, this is really a plus cuz the faster/smoother the click the better ! Thx

  43. Hey I was looking into getting a new mouse and am having a difficult time selecting one. The two I am really looking at are the Razer Deathadder and the logitech mx518. Both look and sound like really good mice, but one big thing i was wondering was which mouse has better side thumb buttons. I use those alot in games I play and was wondering which one has the best feel.

  44. I’d like to recommend the MS Laser Mouse 6000. It’s a lightweight, ambidextrous mouse ideal for a fingertip gamer (holding the mouse with just your fingertips). Therefore if you prefer to hold your mouse with your palm resting on the top, it could get a little awkward as your fingers would extend all the way to the end of the main buttons.

    I have the above mouse as well as the Razer DeathAdder. I’d rank the DeathAdder better due to the ergonomics (I prefer right-handed mice), but I think the Laser Mouse 6000 deserves a nomination, especially for gamers who prefer claw or fingertip grips. Neither mouse comes with customization options for weight or size.

  45. @Mat – don’t worry, you’ll be fine with the Cyber Snipa.

    @Ice – the Deathadder’s thumb buttons are a bit bigger, making them easier to use, but there’s very little difference between the two.

    @Alex – it’s a while since I used a MS Laser, but you’re right. They are good mice and proof that you don’t necessarily have to buy a gaming mouse to enjoy games.

  46. hey so i just got both my Sniper and Deathadder…dont ask me why i didnt just get a MAMBA, 2 is better than 1 :P.
    Both great mouses but both totally different for everyone.
    Both mouses has rubbery top, but only the sniper has a rubbery side which wont cause you to slip. The deathadder has bigger side buttons, so thats a good plus. makes it easier to press. both are really good but the sniper is more of a gaming mouse and not good for loooong sessions while the deathadder you can get really comfy with it.

    OK CONS:
    the sniper i didnt like the side where you pinky rest even with the rubber, its just to sucked in, shoulda poped it out more for comfort. Also the side buttons on the sniper is kinda small but its more noticeable as in you know if which one your pressing more. Also the right click is harder to press than the death adder but maybe you like you press harder i ono. the left one is ok and is not as sensitive as the death adder. Has weighted system but im only using one if them lol.

    kinda gets your hands lazy and you rest it on the table while using it =p just me probably. The side has no rubber so it get slippery. kinda too sensitive buttons right now but its takes getting use to. Death adder is bigger so its comfortable but doesnt have that gaming feel. They should make a DEATH ADDER MAMBA this will fix it all.

    All in all i gotta get use to the Sniper cuz i only got it for ONE day compared to the deathadder 1 week. but yea they both feel great with the deathadder being a non gamish, comfort while the sniper is more of a gaming mouse feel but you dont wanna spend 7+ hours or maybe 5+ hours using it. Probably be switching off with it for dif things. Got two so ๐Ÿ˜›

    DeathAdder + Sniper > MAMBA ๐Ÿ˜›

  47. Hi Mat, I like your style. If you’re unsure, buy both mice 8)

    I agree with you about the feel of the two mice. The Stinger is like a lighter sports car, while the Deathadder more of a high-performance cruiser. Kind of like a Lotus Exige compared to a Porsche 911. Both fast, but different in character.

    I do like a slightly firmer click, otherwise I find it too easy to catch the right-mouse. Not that I’ve got heavy fingers or anything!

  48. thx chris,
    getting use to my snipa and men do i love it, the scroll wheel is alot smoother than the deathadder + its getting more comfortable o.0…but yea i would rate these two at the top 3, men chris your killing ME!!! i hope i dont get the nerve to get a G9 lol Thx man im happy wit what i got.

  49. Greetings!

    Just to let you guys know, the rubbery stuff on the mice is Plasti-Dip coating. It’s available in cans, for brushing on or dipping, or as a spray paint. It comes in clear and different colors. You can put it on virtually any mouse. The only problem with it is that if you get a scratch in it where your fingers grip it, it may start to peel. I have that problem on the Logitech mouse I’m using at the moment.

    By the way, I’m using the OCZ Equalizer mouse for gaming. If you add price as a consideration it will smoke all these other mice.

  50. Greetings Captain Morgan. Thanks for the info on the rubbery stuff, that would make a worthwhile upgrade to quite a few mice. I’ve just had a quick look on eBay and found some straight away.

    Tim, what sort of mouse pad do you use with your Lachesis? Soft or hard :)? I struggled with the Lachesis on my soft pad as it was moving the cursor with every click of a button, started driving me mad until I chucked the pad way and used the mouse directly on my desk.

  51. ok after reading these reviews i still have no clue on what mouse to pick im reading 50/50 on every mouse. So pretty much im going to be playing mmorpg’s I have average or smaller hands and I’m looking for a mouse w/ a good setup of macro keys and comfort. any suggestions?

    I’ve read up on the G9 and ive read the scroll wheel is horrible and the dpi adjust button behind the left mouse button is easily pressed so ending w/ messing up gaming.

  52. I’d go with Kone anytime. Its best buy of my life, really love that mouse. I had many razers and several logitechs. And tho I was never disappointed with any, Roccat just completely won my heart with that one. And I’m not speaking just about fancy LEDs.

  53. Hi Lian, I’ve got to agree with you – the Kone is a great mouse, despite the scroll wheel problems of early versions. I’m looking forward to seeing what Roccat have got in store for their next mouse (part of their SDMS).

  54. does the Logitech G9 seems too small?

  55. Not to me, Marcel, and I would say I have average sized hands. If you’ve got hands the size of dinner plates you may find the G9 too small.

  56. Xero, i recommend the Cyber Snipa. it has a pretty high arc for my middle palm and macro is great with it, i tihnk 7 programmable buttons i ono probly 8, i dont use em all =p. its comfortable and could be more if i had smaller hands, i can somewhat palm a basketball.
    DeathAdder i would recommend because it is comfortable and its differs in where the arc is, (upper palm).
    My roommate has the G7, i dont know why it says 7 programable mouse up there since looking at it i only can see a few(probably has a tilt wheel) but yea grippin it is comfortable kinda heavier than both mouses but i it comfortable.

    All in all it comes down to Personal Preference like everyone says. you may like each mouses for different occasions but its all up to you. i would HIGH suggest going to a local computer store to see what they have and just buy it online for cheaper.

  57. Mat, the G7’s buttons are: left and right, mousewheel click, mousewheel tilt left and right, two buttons below thumbwheel and a thumb button on the left for a total of eight. G5’s have the same layout, except later ones have two thumb buttons after feedback from gamers, so that’s a total of nine. Oh … the post says seven … :oops:. Fixed that now.

    You’re absolutely right – if you can borrow from friends or visit a local hardware store then try before you buy, as the one thing that make or break a great mouse is the feel in your hands. Most of the mice are good for almost any gamer, but you’ll always find one or two that are just right.

  58. where is steelseries ikari?

  59. I’d have to go with the Razer Mamba. Adjustable 5600DPI, wireless/wired changeout. Just an overall amazing mouse. I love mine so much.

  60. Can someone tell me why would one need anymore than 2000dpi?
    the cursor becomes virtually uncontrollable at 3000….
    im an FPS fan btw

  61. I blame Razer versus Logitech trying to outdo each other and pushing the dpi values ever higher. The only time I’ve really found higher dpi to be useful is in normal Windows use on really high monitor resolutions (over 2000 pixels wide) as it cuts down on hand movement. Personally I’ve settled on 1600-2400dpi as my favourite level of dpi for gaming.

  62. wel m lookin for a gud mouse out here right now.. i hav average size hands can say bit small also.. so guyz any1 havin any suggestions plz mail me asap.. thanx..

  63. simple the death adder is better than the mamba yes it dont have wireless but who cares who wants to be pluging it in and out all the time to charge it and as for everything else the mamba has a slight issue of stop start pointer u try to stop it still and the pointer jumps alittle same if u press buttons and dont move the mouse so yea thats the reason mamba and all wireless mouses wont be as good as wired thanks wanna know which mouse to buy ? death adder or g9 simple now shut up ๐Ÿ˜‰ go buy its a mouse ffs they dont cost that much if u dont like it buy another one

  64. Well deathadder vs wireless mamba i have to agree deathadder is a lil better if the mamba wasnt buggy, and it isnt unless you got a bad one. But compared wired to wired, Mamba takes the lead. the overall design is just to comfortable. only problem is “cost”. But everyone is different and is entitled to their own opinion.

  65. I have no idea why people are actually recommending the Kone mouse here! I own one (had it shipped from europe) and it collects dust on my shelf. Mouse is very large and the software is about as bad as Razers (which is pretty awful).

    I agree with the author, the Logitech G9 is the best mouse on the market. It has the best software around, is comfortable and precise with loads of buttons for programming.

    I personally can’t stand Razer products as every mouse they release is uncomfortable with poor drivers and the same limited 5 buttons.

  66. Sorry Hobbs, I have to disagree, the Kone is a great mouse. Good features, comfortable (maybe not if your hands are small?) and the software is perfectly usable, even if Roccat did get carried away with the screen design instead of using a clear interface. Not all of Razer’s products are bad either, my Deathadder is still a joy to use after three years.


    The Razor naga: 12 clickable buttons in thumb position + the 2 normal mouse buttons + wheel. Perfect for Games like World of Warcraft.

    I did check out the wow mouse above, I like the razor naga one better. With it, they designed the megasoma mouse mat that is sort of in between hard and soft surface, they call it Hard-Soft Hybrid Mat.

    there you go, I’m glad I was able to help ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m assuming here;)

  68. Hi Fallerup. The Naga could well be in with a shot on this list, but until I get my hands on one I’m waiting to see if that mass of buttons on the side is actually usable. Anyone tried one yet?

  69. I like Microsoft’s Sidewinder X8. I prefer the vertical buttons to standard horizontal ones, they just seem easier. And it’s the first Sidewinder that actually has a tilting scroll wheel.

  70. Microsoft’s Sidewinder range are often overlooked, which is a shame because they are good mice.

  71. My G9 died…after 2 years and thousands of hours gaming FPS. I found it small and shell flimsy. The exchangeable shell is its failure. I could only use/program one of my thumb buttons as many times it activated both with a little too much pressure.

    It shot well and custom weights are nice. I would say good for small hands.

  72. Hi Norge. 2 years isn’t bad for a much-used mouse. So would you buy another or are you thinking of something else? G9x maybe?

  73. i would not buy again. deathadder maybe… using backup wireless G7 currently and missing every scope shot i fire. Wireless imo fails on every level.

  74. Logitech mx518 REPRESENT.

    Never liked another mouse.

    Deathadder — absolutly hate it. Anything that requires extreme precision in clicks (dota, HoN, RTS Games in general) the deathadder sucks soo hard.
    I spent almost 15 seconds trying to click the X on my friends MSN window with his deathadder. I love high sensitivity, but when the cursor moves that much from a CLICK… WTF?

  75. hey guys, i’m kinda new at gaming mice (i haven’y bought one yet) but i’ve been trying to figure out which would be the best one for me, i’ve been playing cs for a year with a mini mouse (fron a laptop) and i believe that i did well enough, but i now want a real mouse. i’ve only used the mx518 and i found it really good for cs (at an internet cafe). can you help me with a question of mine? well why do you think that the lachesis is that bad becouse its dpi is too high, when it is adjustable and when the g9x has 1700 more? plz tell me your opinion…

  76. Hi billy! Wow, you played CS with a mini mouse? I hate those little things, after more than an hour or so I find my fingers cramp up.

    When it comes to high dpi mice I think things have gone a bit crazy. Once you get over 2000dpi you start to require incredibly precise hand control, and I don’t know anyone who uses more than 3000dpi with a mouse that’s capable of 4000+. You’re right, the Lachesis is adjustable so in that respect the fact that it’s got 4000dpi doesn’t really matter, but when it was launched Razer seemed to be making a really big thing about it.

    Personally I’m still happy with my original Deathadder, even though it’s ‘only’ got 1800dpi. I find myself using the Kone a bit more now, but even that is turned down to to around 2000dpi rather than full-fat 3200dpi.

    If you liked the MX518 then you should pick one up – it’s a great all-round gaming mouse. Alternatively try the Deathadder, fewer buttons but more comfortable. If you’re still gaming with a laptop then you could try the wireless Razer Orochi with Bluetooth support.

  77. chris thanks for your help, i finally baught the mx518. the thing is that i am not gaming with a laptop. i use that little mouse on my desktop, thank god i will be able to play with a real mouse soon (i’ve ordered the mx518, it’s not in my hands yet). as for the orochi, i still don’t find wireless mice a good idea… i know that it doesn’t really matter nowdays but when i used my mx3200 (wirless keyboard + mouse) i didn’t have the feeling of full control… i believe that the <> mx518 can still be compared with the big gaming mice. i agree that for a fps fan like me the deathadder would be better, i don’t really need all that buttons that lachesis has , neither the 4000dpi… i may buy one deathadder also , espacially if the mx518 turn’s a bad decision (which i don’t think so but…) thenks again for your help.

    ps. sorry for the spelling mistakes but i don’t know that much english while i’m from greece.

  78. sorry for the second post but i have a question for you. are the gaming keyboards so important? i don’t really find a deference between a standard microsoft and a razer one (so called gaming). it may has a difference but i don’t think that it’s as basic as the mouse, what is your opinion?

  79. A gaming keyboard is less important than a gaming mouse. Most games let you reprogram their controls to use any key, so as long as the keyboard is comfortable it’s OK for gaming. But the best gaming keyboards have additional programmable keys so you can add macros, and that’s when a ‘gaming’ keyboard makes more sense than a ‘normal’ one.

  80. Hey guys! Ok… My friend has the G9x and I really like the whole adjustable weight thing. I also like the feel of the shape. The one thing I HATE is the scroll wheel. I have a wireless logitech somethingorother and it has the same microgear technology that switches the scroll wheel from smooth to clickity. You can never press the mouse wheel button because you will always slip the mouse wheel, which means, for me at least, you can rule out the middle mouse click as a button. It always slips for me. Even on my friend’s G9x. even more, the mouse I have has a tilting scroll wheel, but it doesn’t register when I configure it through the game. In other words, It doesn’t even work in-game. Does this happen on the G9x?
    I dont know what to get anymore!!!! I have a lot of choices but I like the G9x.

  81. I never noticed such a problem on the G9x, and the same with the G500 I’m currently testing. You’re right though, the scroll wheel is a weak point in the design as I suspect it’s something that could loosen up as the mouse ages. The ‘hyper-srcolling’ is a feature that’s of no use for gamers as we want a definite step in the wheel’s movement. At the very least I think Logitech should drop the feature on their ‘G’ range of mice and just put in a normal clickity wheel.

    As for the tilt action, the only thing to do is load it up with a macro using the Setpoint software. It’s the same problem with the third side button on the G500, it doesn’t register in the games I’ve tried.

  82. im playing COD4,btw im a hardcore player. which mouse should i pick for medium size hand?

  83. Have you looked at the new Razer Imperator? It’s smaller than the Deathadder so might be a good fit. If not try the MX518 or Cyber Snipa Stinger.

  84. Hey chris, you seem to know a good amount about gaming mice. Back in oct 09 I bought a Razer lachesis and loved it. Until no more than 2 months later or so moving the mouse became choppy.

    Eventually after buying 2 new mouse pads I had realized its the mouse that is broken. So i’ve been using my junkie old logitech sense about december and was hoping you could help me out with a new one.

    Aside from this old logitech and the lachesis i have little experience in mice. But my trust in razer is broken after spending 80$ and nothing but 2 months of game play and a nerd rage to show for it.

    I have medium-larger sized hands this logitech is a bit small in my hand but it works just fine. I usually pay Heroes of Newerth (Dota remake basically) Counter strike, TF2, and may or may not start playing WoW again (it seems once your start your never really free of it) A few extra buttons would be nice but the 4000dpi the lachesis offers is just unnecessary I doubt anyone uses it though, I do generally play at a higher sensitivity given my mouse is pretty light.

    the logitech g9 looked nice but I just cant deal with big bulky mice. Any info you can give would be much appreciated.

  85. Also forgot to mention that I have a flat hardmat by razer. It’s very thin and sticks to my glass computer desk. Wasn’t sure if thats relevant but wanted to cover all bases. Thanks for your time.

  86. Hi Josh. You’re not the first to fall out with the Lachesis after tracking problems. Did you get the latest firmware and drivers for it?

    For an upgrade, if you’re not sure about the G9/G9x then you could try the Logitech MX518 – seven buttons (all programmable) and 1800dpi, plus it’s cheaper than the G500 yet almost as good. Or how about a Microsoft Sidewinder X5 with 2000dpi and 9 buttons (5 programmable)? A budget choice would be the Cyber Snipa Stinger (3200dpi, 9 buttons, 6 programmable) or you could spend more and go for a Steelseries Xai (5000cpi and seven buttons). All of them should be good for FPS or WoW and you should hopefully find them all comfortable.

    If you’ve got a Razer mouse mat (Sphex?) then chances are it’s a good one – that’s one thing they do make well.

  87. Yes I have the sphex. But wait you said that the tracking problems are fixed with an updated drivers O.o ? if thats true I would definitely go through the hassle of finding it. I have the disk for it and my mouse is just sitting in the closet.

  88. Check Razer’s drivers page for the latest version of the Lachesis driver and firmware, you may find it’s newer than the version you’ve got on your CD. you never know, it might fix your tracking problems.

  89. Could I just download the latest firmware or must I get all the old ones as well?

  90. I got the G9 mouse and it is so good you dont press the DPI botton. the scroll wheel is nice.

  91. The Cyborg dynamic ergonomics mose is seriously my favourtite of all of them. I recommend it.

    Made by Saitek.

  92. I’ve always found the shape of the Cyborg mouse a bit awkward, but it’s a nice idea – clearly an inspiration for the new Mad Catz R.A.T.S. mice.

  93. Hi Guys

    Bit of advice. I used to be a hardcore gamer but have toned things down now (birth of kids and all etc). I have been using my rock laptop (and touchpad!!!!) for the last 2 years on fps games (like css, l4d and cod). I have just bought an alienware m15x and the touchpad is inadequate for fps (or anything other than surfing really). Thing is I like to lie on the seatee with the laptop on my knee so very limited space for a mouse (ie the bottom corner of the laptop would be my mousemat). With this limited size and fps requirements – what do you think the best choice of mouse would be?

  94. Hey Twister, I can sympathise with your predicament – having kids plays havoc with your gaming time! Tough choice on mouse, but you probably want something small and maybe wireless with a good sensor to make up for the lack of space – how about a Razer Orochi? Only 2000dpi in wireless mode, but 4000dpi with the detachable cable plugged in. Cable is only three foot long so it’ll cut down on any tangles. Get some rechargeable AAs though as the Orochi doesn’t recharge itself.

  95. I’ve been using normal plain mouse for years in FPS and it’s just passed away lately. Now I’m looking for a good gaming mouse which I can use for the next 5 years and up.
    Is there any good one for fingertip gripper? What I’m looking for are listing down here.

    1.Normal features for a mouse to operate eg. LMB, RMB, wheel.
    2.Ambidextrous (tried one with ergonomic right-handed design but it isn’t made for fingertip gripper)
    3.Thumb button which located right at the thumb and can be pressed without moving the thumb at all because I use my thumb to stabilize the mouse all the time so it’s really hard to hit the button without the mouse goes out of my hand.
    4.Adjustable DPI around 3000-5000.

  96. Among 10 of these, I’d go with the G5 and DeathAdder.
    Other than these 10, will be the Steelseries Xai and Naga

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