Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

Gaming Mouse Buying GuideHave you ever wondered just how many gaming mice are out there? Quite a few, that’s how many, and they just seem to keep on coming.

So here’s a list of all of the gaming mice out there (or at least the ones I’ve thought of so far) and a summary of their features. Now you can compare mouse A with mouse B to see which is the best gaming mouse. Whether you’re left or right handed, want loads of buttons or very few, wired or wireless, laser or optical sensor, you should be able to find a mouse that meets your needs.

NameSensor TypeNo Of
Acc (g)Max Speed (i/s)Poll
ShapeCord TypePrice GBPPrice USD
Alienware Tactx5000dpi laser99NoRight Cord
Cherry eVolution ERGO-SHARK1600dpi laser7NoLeftCordlessn/an/a
Cherry eVolution ERGO-SHARK1600dpi laser7NoRightCordlessn/an/a
Coolermaster Storm Sentinel Advance5600dpi laser8850g2351000HzYesRightCord
Cyber Snipa Silencer5000dpi laser991501000HzYesRightCord
Cyber Snipa Stinger3200dpi laser96451000HzYesRightCord
Logitech G52000dpi laser9920g601000HzYesRightCordn/an/a
Logitech G5005700dpi laser10101000HzYesRightCord
Logitech G72000dpi laser88NoRightCordlessn/an/a
Logitech G7005700dpi laser131330g1651000HzNoRightDetachable
Logitech G93200dpi laser7720g651000HzYesRightCord
Logitech G9x5700dpi laser7730g1501000HzYesRightCord
Logitech MX5181800dpi optical8815g40125HzNoRightCord
Mad Catz R.A.T.33200dpi laserNoRightCord
Mad Catz R.A.T.54000dpi laserYesRightCord
Mad Catz R.A.T.75600dpi laser751000HzYesRightCord
Mad Catz R.A.T.95600dpi laser751000HzYesRightCordless
Microsoft Habu2000dpi laser7NoRightCord
Microsoft Intellimouse 3.02000dpi laserNoRightCord
Microsoft Sidewinder2000dpi laser952045500HzYesRightCord
Microsoft Sidewinder X32000dpi laser852045500HzNoRightCord
Microsoft Sidewinder X52000dpi laser952045500HzNoRightCord
Microsoft Sidewinder X84000dpi BlueTrack127751201000HzNoRightDetachable
Mionix Naos 32003200dpi LED-optical771000HzYesRightCord
Mionix Naos 54005040dpi laser771000HzYesRightCord
Mionix Saiph 18001800dpi optical7520501000HzNoRightCordn/a
Mionix Saiph 32003200dpi laser7520501000HzYesRightCordn/a
Nova Slider X6003200dpi881000HzNoRightCord
OCZ Behemoth3200dpi laser6550601000HzYesRightCordn/an/a
OCZ Dominatrix3200dpi laser9245500HzYesRightCordn/an/a
OCZ Eclipse2400dpi laser755060YesRightCordn/an/a
OCZ Equalizer2500dpi laser86125HzNoRightCordn/an/a
Ozone Radon 3K3200dpi laser87500HzYesRightCord
Ozone Radon 5K5600dpi laser871000HzYesRightCord
Ozone Smog5040dpi laser991501000HzYesRightCordn/an/a
Raptor Gaming M32000dpi laser65YesRightCordn/an/a
Razer Abyssus3500dpi infrared33151201000HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Copperhead2000dpi laser7720451000HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Deathadder1800dpi optical55151201000HzNoRightCord
Razer Deathadder 3.5G3500dpi infrared55151201000HzNoRightCord
Razer Deathadder 3.5G Left3500dpi infrared55151201000HzNoLeftCord
Razer Diamondback 3G1800dpi optical77151201000HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Krait1600dpi optical331540125HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Imperator5600dpi laser77502001000HzNoRightCord
Razer Lachesis4000dpi optical99251001000HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Lachesis 3.5G5600dpi laser992001000HzNoAmbiCord
Razer Mamba5600dpi laser77502001000HzNoRightDetachable
Razer Naga5600dpi laser17172001000HzNoRightCord
Razer Orochi4000dpi laser771001000HzNoRightDetachable
Razer Salmosa1800dpi optical33151201000HzNoRightCord
Revoltec FightMouse Advanced2000dpi optical5YesRightCord
Roccat Kone3200dpi laser10820651000HzYesRightCord
Roccat Kova3200dpi optical7520401000HzNoAmbiCord
Roccat Pyra1600dpi laser551000HzNoAmbiDetachable
Saitek Cyborg3200dpi laser1045NoRightCord
Sharkoon Fireglider3600dpi laser7620YesRightCord
Silverstone Raven3200dpi laser11650Cord
Speedlink Kudos5000dpi laser99YesRightCord
Steelseries Ikari3200cpi laser5NoAmbiCord
Steelseries Kinzu3200cpi optical520501000HzNoAmbiCord
Steelseries Warcraft3200dpi laser151520651000HzNoAmbiCord
Steelseries Xai5001cpi laser77201501000HzNoAmbiCord


  • Acc – maximum acceleration (g)
  • No Of Btn – total number of buttons (including scroll wheel)
  • Prg Btn – total number of programmable buttons
  • Max Spd – maximum speed(inces per second)
  • Poll Rate – sensor polling rate (hertz)
  • Wgt – adjustable weight

Something Missing

Have I missed one of your favourite gaming mice? Then leave a comment and let me know!

Author: Chris

Chris is a devout PC gamer who spends way, way too much time sat at his PC either gaming or writing. You can find Chris on Google+

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  1. Hey!
    Great website! Its just amazing the stuff you have here!
    but im looking forward for the gigabyte M8000(X)

  2. Hi latouffe. Glad you like it here! Are you thinking of buying the M8000?

  3. OCZ Behemoth and OCZ Equalizer. add in this list please. they have receive several awards.

  4. CM Storm Advance Sentinel mouse

  5. Thanks Jensen – a good mouse that I missed. It’s in the list!

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